Keeping Our Heads Down

In the past before technology, cell phones and other screen devices came about, people were more social, there was more interaction face-to-face, communication’s with someone’s actual voice was a great thing to see, how people used to play games, invent games without the use of a computer or cell phone, how people used to get together without keeping our heads down and buried in our screens. People also in the past never really used any calculators to find the answer to math questions. People had to do it on their own and actually do the work to find it.

How did they do without it all? This new generation will never know the feeling without some sort of device. Now, on our devices we have all kinds of apps, and these companies and makers of these apps and smartphones and whatever else are swimming in money and getting richer and richer by the day while communication’s talking socially with our voices is declining more and more everyday, people do not know how to talk anymore. It is all about the devices they hold in their hands.

Screen time is taking away a huge chunk of time away from capturing moments, cherishing and creating memories with our family and friends, how we are missing out on precious times. Nowadays, a lot of people are so inclined to social media sites and want to post every single thing they do from taking a shower, going grocery shopping, taking pictures and videos of everything in our lives for the sole purpose of getting it out there online for the world to see. It is terrible. These makers of technology are laughing and they are making a mint.

Now devices are making the world a smaller place, where we can communicate to the world in seconds, whereas it is pulling us farther away from those who are physically around us. People do not look at other people’s faces anymore, social skills have become so terrible. Everyone gets together and they are mostly on their phones and not interacting socially. It is a very serious issue we have here. We can’t always depend on technology to do all the talking, texting and capturing moments.

whatever happened to capturing moments and making memories in our hearts, minds, and souls? Nowadays, if people do not capture and share things on social media and everything, and tell people what happened, they do not believe others until they have proof that it actually happened, so these people tend to post everything online so that it becomes believable. That is absolutely sickening.

Lenses of our devices are being replaced by our real eyes. devices and lenses are being taken away from human touch and observing things without a device in our faces. Material lenses have more worth now than our eyes that is on our body and that is very sad. Nothing beats the eye of a person.

That is why I have chosen to put the title  “Keeping Our Heads Down”. People do not realize how serious of an issue this is. Everyone is keeping their heads down and not looking up to witness life’s special moments, missing an opportunity to make friends with others, finding that special someone without using devices, missing out on nature, world’s beauty, getting to know our earth, different personalities, getting in touch with people, socializing. It is lacking so much now. It is very terrible.

Sometimes when I ask questions to a friend or someone, they are so distracted by their devices, that they don’t even hear me, or listen to what I am saying. I remember having a conversation one time with a person and I am thinking they are listening to me, and so I was talking for over 5 minutes about something that I want to express and the person is on their phones and then they look up and say I am sorry, can you repeat that again? I was distracted. I did not and I just was so angry that I said Nevermind.

I then texted that person with whatever I said, and then that person responded back to me that way and not talking to me physically. People just do not know how to talk anymore. They are either lazy to do so, or let their fingers do the texting.

What can we do to combat this situation? What can we do to convince those who are constantly on screens to tell them to live their lives without using them. I am not saying give it all up entirely, but these people do not know their limits, teenagers, kids, adults and all ages. Time limits must be set. It is getting too much.
Keeping our heads down will always continue if something is not done about it. I miss those days where I have seen people talk to each other. Those days are unfortunately gone, but something can be done. Just do not know how to though.

What do you think about it? What gets you frustrated?
Where do we draw the line? I do not think people know limits anymore.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Our Heads Down

  1. Yasmin Elahi says:

    Totally agree with you..This is getting into a world wide epidemic. I myself feel that I am a part of this addiction. But how to get out of it…suggestions if any will be highly appreciated!

  2. Chris White says:

    It is difficult to find a compromise isn’t it. I am responding to you at this very moment but you may not react to my response for some time later. You may not react at all. Even then I may not be aware that you have responded. I honestly believe that the more social media platforms we develop the less real communication actually takes place. We are making money for the developers who are always coming up with add-ons and upgrades. Moderation in all things.

  3. annebellasays says:

    I agree, just yesterday in a restaurant I witnessed a woman eating and scrolling her phone the entire meal not even looking up to connect with her two older children (who were not on their cell phones). I was disgusted. I said to my husband, “Look around at all the people on their cell phones!” He said that’s just the way the world has become. I believe there’s a time and place for everything. Ridiculous.

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