Comfort in Expressing Feelings to Someone

In life, most of us if not all of us are always finding ways to express ourselves with others such as family, friends, teachers, co-worker, a person whom we are in a relationship with. We of course always want to be comfortable and trusting to talk to anybody about whatever we feel that is going on in our lives, struggles, issues, also sharing happy thoughts too.

Sometimes it is easier said than done when we want to express ourselves with the right people. Some people rudely cut you off when you are sharing and expressing yourself from the heart. People just do not want to hear what others have to say because they are just too into themselves, and are too self-absorbed and selfish that whatever others say to them is not important. It does get draining and you just draw the line with some people sometimes. If not all.

When you feel comfortable and trusting to someone, you hope and believe that they will keep whatever is said in confidence and not blabber it out to anybody. Some people just do not understand that and it is terrible if someone spreads around what you say to someone in confidence. That trust and comfort will be long gone if it is found out that somebody else knows something that is personal. It should never get to that extent.

These days, it is so hard to keep things said in confidence with social media, status updates and so much going on with people spreading everything that they know on social media to gain attention for the sake of gaining it. It is so wrong to put people in a predicament. Especially on the internet and of course around us in the part of the world a person lives in. Not everything should be posted and shared.

A person has trusted you and put themselves in expression to you, so do not betray and make someone second guess you, and distrust you because of something that should not have been said to others. Communication is so great and its great to express yourself, but don’t ever tell anybody else. Put it in your vault inside you and never allow anybody to open up that secret door. It is so important.

I have been through that situation where I have expressed myself one too many times and the next thing I know, that the things I said have reached to other people. I no longer have time or energy to be friends with people like that who do not respect me and what I say.

Comfort in expression is an incredible feeling. When you find people or someone that will or is your love and when they do not share anything you say to others is one of the best feelings in the world. It shows that they love and care about you so much, that they will never compromise your bond and relationship due to keeping something a secret. It is only okay if you are permitted to share it with others. That is fine.

Do you find comfort in expressing your feelings to others?

Have you been in a position where you have a hard time expressing your feelings to others because someone misused your trust in confidence?

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