Time Is Going By So Fast – There is no Stop Button

Today, I was going through old memories, taking a look at myself then and now, and I could see a big difference. Sometimes, it is so difficult to come to terms that time is just flying by so quickly and that we cannot stop it, no matter what we do. Now, that we are in March of 2016 and a few days have gone by; It is only a matter of time until we welcome April. Next month I will be turning a year older.

It seems just like yesterday, I was a child and now as an adult, it’s been a crazy roller coaster ride with lots of ups, downs, loops, curves, straight lines, exciting and frightening all at the same time. It is frightening because time is just going by so quickly. I have learned that whatever you do in life, live it to the fullest extent. No matter how much time you have on this earth, it is always important to make the most of it, to be kind to others, to enjoy, smile and get the most out of life. I know for some people unfortunately time is not on their side and they go before even experiencing time.

I will always appreciate everyone and everything in my life. I will and already do. I am grateful and blessed with all my loved ones, readers of my articles, my fans and more. Time is precious, do not ever waste your time on negativity, and always look forward and be positive about everything in life. It is so important to look at things in a big picture. You never realize how great you are and talented until you give yourself a try.

Time is a test and it sees how well you do with it. Be yourself, and manage time wisely. balance it out. Everything in life has a balance to it. It is up to you to juggle it all. I am sure you can do it and I know you can. Time will not wait for you. So jump in for the ride and enjoy each phase. Do not ever try to grow up too fast. Don’t allow time to be a competition. embrace and cherish each moment.

Tomorrow is never promised, so make sure that you live for the day, don’t leave anything for tomorrow. If you have an opportunity to do something today, say something like I love you to your love, family, and friends, to say thank you to someone, to appreciate others, doing tasks and going on about your daily life. Time starts with you. It is all up to you, but do not risk testing time, when it is testing you.

– Time is of the essence. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

2 thoughts on “Time Is Going By So Fast – There is no Stop Button

  1. Just Being Me says:

    As it has been said, Life is a play without rehearsals. Each day, each moment, a new opportunity to appreciate, grow, live, and become the star of your own private play. Time moves quickly around us, swirling ever closer to the inevitable, but as long as you treat each scene as though it may be your last, because, as you say, time will not wait for you, you can be sure that your play will be a hit – in this life and the next.

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