Free WiFi Warnings – Public Eye Can Be Dangerous

In this day in age with social media, virtually connecting is on the rise. Smartphone, laptop and tablet users go out and about with the hopes that wherever they go, they wonder if the place has free WiFi, or when traveling on an Aircraft/Airline people think that they have it as well. Well, some airlines do now, but you will either pay for the service or not. depending on the airlines choices.

Now, we all get excited when we connect to the internet without using our own data. So we end up using someone else’s. Well, FREE WiFi, can also pose many dangers of fraudulent actions, committing identity theft, people can easily hack into another person’s device when they are on location the same as you. Now, attackers and hackers can manipulate a computer and also puts it in a compromising situation. They can also take your personal information and use it against you, wipe out your bank account and more.

With Public WiFi, the warning is that you are bound to share personal information with everyone else and that puts you at a greater risk. It is advised to always make strong passwords with letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, also to lock your computer with a password too. It is also important to check your device settings for looking at options of when you are out in public to put a blockage so others cannot view and steal your information. Make sure your settings are turned off for sharing, check for security and the certificate of authentication from a website either if you want to use Google Chrome or Firefox.

That is why if you do not have to log into the internet while you are out and about, and if it is not super urgent or important to use it, then I would just wait until I get home. Always make sure that your WiFi is secure at home too. Someone could be on the street or a neighbor can steal your internet from you and again someone can hack into your system, see your photos, personal files and more. Do not become a victim of fraud and that is just a huge headache you do not need.

I am sure with technology, tech professionals are coming up with ways to make us all safe, and use the service without creating havoc and problems for the users in public settings.

On board planes, I am sure people can wait and leave the devices to rest for the duration of the flight. You do not have to be connected at all times. Enjoy your flight and sift through those airline magazines, watch an in-flight movie, show or look at the aircraft, flight information on a screen if you have one in front of you, listen to music on your MP3 player, but I would think twice before going into a Free WiFi zone.

Do you think twice before you log in somewhere public?

What do you think about Free WiFi?

2 thoughts on “Free WiFi Warnings – Public Eye Can Be Dangerous

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    I generally never use free wifi , the only time I ever did was when I was at the hospital with my wife , I have an old laptop that runs windows 7 , it has no banking info or much of any personal info, it’s never logged into Microsoft so I am able to use nicknames on it, that is the lap top I used at the hospital, I had it set up expressly for free wifi , I in fact kept a trojan file on the HD , I named it Bank info …. if I was hacked and the idiot opened that file it would unleash the 9th plane of HELL on their computer , I haven’t used that laptop since, I just stick to my home cable internet and the wifi that comes with it , be hard pressed for someone to sit out front of my house and pirate my wifi considering the password is set by the cable company and is about 15 numbers and letters long , and the modem notifies me every time a connection is made , such as the ps 3 and 4 or my new laptop (not the hospital one) or the ps vita etc. before the connection can be completed I have to manually okay it .I also live in a small village of about 500 people so realistically… getting pirated is not much of an issue out here lol

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