Ellen The Beautiful Humanitarian

In our lives, we are always searching for someone who uplifts, makes a positive difference, who has a beautiful heart, who cares about us and goes above and beyond to help people who are less fortunate, who has gone through many struggles financially, health wise, also making people’s wishes come true no matter what age. We want to find that beautiful humanitarian who is so sincere and always says to people “Be Kind to One Another”, at the end of each show. That beautiful humanitarian is Ellen Degeneres.

Ellen Degeneres was born on January 26, 1958 in Metairie, Louisiana in the United States. She is married to Portia de Rossi.

This year of 2016 at the People’s choice awards she received the Humanitarian award. Plus over the years, she has received countless amounts of awards from all over the place. She truly deserves that and so much more. Ellen Degeneres possesses dedication, makes people smile, who doesn’t just make their day, but makes their whole life. She also has 12 days of giveaways on The Ellen Show before Christmas and surprises her audience and those at home watching with so many gifts. Also, she gives giveaways throughout the year, whether they are gift cards, to cd’s, book’s, and other things.

In the end, it is not about the giveaways that she gives to her audience and people at home, it is the principle behind it, it is being Generous and she really is DeGeneres, so her last name fits really well with who she is and her bubbly and beautiful personality that is felt by everyone. She is very respectful, she treats everyone equally, she never discriminates and that is truly something so great to see. She is a very thoughtful person who comes up with creative ways to give and you can tell she gives from her heart.

Another thing that she is very serious about is bullying and she raises awareness on preventing bullying from happening, she gives out this strong message to stop bullying and to help out individuals who have become victims to it. I personally have been a victim to bullies and I thank her for bringing this issue the attention that it desperately needs.

Ellen demonstrates excellence in people skills. Her monologues at the beginning of her show is done so tastefully without offending her audience and viewers at home. She has this beautiful personal touch with everyone. I remember when it was the first season of her show, rather her first episode. In my mind and in my heart, I just felt something that was absolutely wonderful. I said to my family and friends that her show will be so successful and I feel it. My friends and family always know that I am not wrong on what I feel, and my gut instinct. 2003 was the beginning and everything happened from there.

Many celebrities, celebrity music artists have visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and will visit, also many sensations of talent, dancers, singers, people who were discovered online, also, she makes up great and interactive games that are so fun that you feel like you are playing from home just from watching. She introduces her DJ every episode, After each Monologue, she joins the audience with dancing and getting them moving and joining in on the fun, she also has the riff raff room where more people can join in.

Ellen is a beautiful person inside and out and she is inspiring a go-getter, and she is a lovely person whom I wish her all the best in her life with lots of energy, good health, happiness, and so much more. Ellen, I love you so much. More than words can possibly say. You are truly a humanitarian to me. Thank you so much, Ellen, not just for everything you do, but for being you and for shining all around the world.

Be Kind to One Another

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