Jeopardy Game Show No Longer Welcoming Canadian Contestants

Alex Trebek is a famous Canadian that everyone knows that he is the Host of The game show Jeopardy. What doesn’t make sense to me is why Canadian’s are going to be banned from being contestants on the show. Apparently it is due to online privacy laws that are changing. It is really unclear about other reasons why, but Canadians should boycott from watching the show altogether to teach them a lesson. With Alex Trebek being a Canadian from Sudbury, Ontario, how can they ban us? It baffles me.

It is like we do not even exist. Everyone who wants to participate no matter where they are from has the right to it. It is like discrimination. When I saw the headline on the news, I first said, oh maybe it is a mistake, its a hoax that someone came up with, but then I did a search and all these newspapers and news casts all posted the same thing around the same time. I just couldn’t believe what I was reading.

What I do not understand is that Jeopardy is aired here in Canada and everyone can have access to watch it, but we cannot participate now? I find that to not make any sense at all. I find that to be absolutely disgusting. Whoever comes up with these laws and rules are ridiculous and have too much time on their hands to make such terrible decisions.

Going off topic now, but even with Wheel of Fortune, No Canadians are allowed and when you see on television, they block a certain code saying “Open to US Residents Only” in a red sign blocking numbers that there are contests and you can win online and they choose a code and a winner has to confirm it, but only through the states.

If Canadians are not allowed, then do us all a favour, stop airing it in Canada. They have lost a fan and I will no longer watch these game shows if Canadians are no longer welcome to it.

We should petition this. It is absolutely unfair.

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