Jesus Christ is With Me – I am Blessed

On Sunday night’s I am regularly out with friends. We meet up at a coffee shop to talk and everything, and then we usually go see a movie at the theatre. together. I never like going to the movies alone. I always like to have somebody or people with me. This past Sunday, we decided to go out to watch Risen with Joseph Fiennes. He is Ralph Fiennes brother. Since Easter is on the way, we decided to see something religious to fit the holiday coming up. It was an incredible story of keeping the faith and believing in Jesus Christ the Messiah and King.

So a couple of hours later after the movie, I came out refreshed and rejuvenated and once again reminded of God and Jesus’ love, the sacrifices he made to make life eternal both physically and spiritually. I went to my car and started it up, and then I headed home. On the Highway when I was driving, I approached a black SUV and no joke, I ended up seeing a bumper sticker saying “Christ Is Risen”. I was just in shock when I saw that and then I said, God and Jesus is following me and keeping me safe at all times. It was absolutely uplifting and the sign was so timely.

I know some people do not believe in God, and Jesus and people always wonder why so many bad things are happening in this world and why God is not there to stop from terrible things happening. Well, God is testing everyone’s actions. Remember the teacher is always quiet during a test. Natural disasters are happening because some people spread so much hate, some people are selfish, disobey, destroy other humans, people do not let others live. As long as people continue to spread hatred and dishonesty, the more God will punish the world. If we do not take care of the world, take care of each other, be respectful and kind to one another, as well as being honest and forthright with each other, then the destruction of the world will continue. I truly believe in that. Do you?

God is there always and he is watching us and our every move and actions. 

Gods love is blessing me through my spirit, mind, body, heart and soul. I feel his presence in me all the time. He is constantly within me. I should definitely be praying a lot more. I admit I have not done a lot of praying lately and that is wrong on so many levels. I should always pray to God, not only when I need something or to pray for others, but also to thank him for giving me this life to live. If he did not die, I or none of us would live. I have so much to be thankful to him for. The family I have, the friends, the unity of meeting people all across the world, virtually interacting with humans.

After seeing this movie, restored my faith a lot more than it was before. Joseph Fiennes did an incredible job in this movie, and so did the others. It is a must see if you are a true believer in Christ.

I truly believe that with God, he invented technology for us in the later dates in the future to easily communicate with the world. I am certain that this is what happened. I love you God, and I love you Jesus Christ. You are my savior and Thank you for everything.

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