Throwing Jabs At Someone Is Not A Good Thing

In life, when people get together; situations arise where people begin to discuss something and all of a sudden, someone begins to point fingers and always has to say something about someone and throw indirect jabs at the person who then everyone will find out who that person they are actually talking about.

There are people who always have to have the last word about somebody. Those people who throw jabs at other people think they are so perfect, they think that they are always right and the person who they are throwing jabs at is always wrongย and doesn’t know anything. I’ve been through it where someone I know/knew always threw jabs at me every chance that person got. Never ever failed to throw them.

All because I do not do certain things in my life. I have my personal reasons why I do not and yet I still get shafted by someone who I thought was truly caring and true to me. I then for the first time spoke up and defended myself because I couldn’t take it anymore. All I said was, just because I do not do certain things in my life, doesn’t make me a lesser of a person who does. I am still waiting for an apology, but that will never happen with people who think they know everything, who think they are so perfect and make it okay to hurt people.

Each person has their own personal issues and struggles in life, people never need to owe an explanation to others of the way they handle their own lives, and what they do. You never need to explain yourself to anybody. You are your own person. Nobody has the right to throw jabs at you. See, right now I am not explaining what happened and what the jabs are for.

Never allow for it to happen. Those who throw jabs in your face and make you feel very low about yourself is not a true friend. Yes, it is good to say things to somebody’s face and be direct with whatever issue you have, but at the same time, the way it is said to you makes a big difference. Attacking people with words hurts more than anything else. It can leave a permanent scar and people or that certain someone will not forget it.

This happened not too long ago, and it still stings. Especially when the situation and the jabs thrown was not private. It was said amongst other people. Well, constantly. Admitting that the person was wrong about what they did, will never happen. I have lost hope on that.

Words hurt more than physical violence. Throwing jabs at someone is one of the main ones and reasons that can hurt. Everyone should focus on themselves and live their lives before they start running their mouths. Of course not to be fully selfish, but to be kind to others. Kindness matters always.

So throwing jabs at someone? Don’t do it. Not a great thing to do.

Have you been in this situation before?

How did you deal with it if you have?

4 thoughts on “Throwing Jabs At Someone Is Not A Good Thing

  1. This was a great read.

    I’ve made a lot mistakes in the past and people, well… my brother, likes to say little things to try and start fights with me, but I ignore it. It wasn’t always that easy for me to do because I have a pretty short fuse when it comes to stuff like that, but I’ve grown as a person since I’ve had my kids and I refuse to let anything anyone say about me bother me anymore. Life is too short for all that drama.

    I simply ignore everyone that refuses to let go of the past and I’m going to enjoy life and focus on raising my family.

  2. I gave up a long time ago trying to please everybody. I think it gets easier as we get older and our priorities change. My focus now is my family and looking after them. A great post.

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ You said it perfectly.

    There are people who believe they know everything. They will try to dictate your life to you. If you don’t follow their “advice” they get crabby and start mudslinging. Do they themselves have the answer to everything, is their own life perfect? Hardly – you’ll often find they are moaners to begin with.

    The answer to this is of course to cut them out as far as you can. It hurts when it comes from someone you considered a friend, but with friends like that who needs enemies? If you can’t avoid them (e.g. a colleague, boss or family member), minimize conversation, don’t discuss your choices with them. If they still do it, especially in front of people, turn around and ask, “oh, are we into mudslinging now?” That should shut them up (and it should also put them in the correct light in front of the others!).

    Here’s a link you might enjoy…
    The Life Uncoach

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