Another Month is Flying by. Can’t Believe It

Can you believe the second month of the year is already almost over? February is always a short month, but each passing year seems to go by quicker than the last. I just remember it was like yesterday we were celebrating the new year 2016. Now we are almost in March. I am excited that spring is around the corner in a month from now. That is what gets me excited, but I wish there was a slow down button. I guess there is not.

With so many holidays during the fall. winter, spring months starting from Thanksgiving, Christmas all the way to the beginning of Easter. It becomes quite busy.

I remember a few days ago, I was sitting down with my friends and we were talking about this. I cannot believe that so many years have gone by. We have know each other for many years and we have gone through so many things together for the past 11-12 years. It is visible that we are all aging and I can feel it. Conversations get deeper and more mature, we discuss all kinds of things to do with society, how people are, and so much more.

As you get older, you begin to put so many things in perspective. I am happy I can share moments with friends and family. Unfortunately some people do not get to and that is just terrible. We are a group of friends that accept anybody into our circle. We made it a goal of ours to reach out to those who need someone to talk to, laugh, and have good times with. We feel very good when someone comes by and gets together with us. We are very welcoming to anybody who needs a boost.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of February. well, all the 8 days of it until we welcome March.

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