Toxic Magazine Smells – So Bad for you

Ever look at magazines on store shelves, doctors offices, purchase them, get them in the mail or wherever else? Do you sometimes feel a terrible stench coming from the magazines? Those smells are toxic and not good to smell. Some magazines put samples of perfume/cologne. There are some smells I can handle, but magazine smells are the worst.

I have to always keep the magazines open, allow that smell to get out from it. It will take several days before I can enjoy them. It is just awful.

I remember a few times getting magazines in the mail and I had to complain to them. I open it up and the whiff of it, just turned me off and had to cancel my subscription. It was that bad. I think it is the type of paper or material used to make the magazines. Then the printing of them as well can be the cause of it, or the ink. They should invest on non-scented papers. It is ridiculous. I no longer became a subscriber because of it. I really liked it, but I couldn’t handle it.

I had called the magazine and explained to them my situation. They apparently are going to work on that, but lets see if they will. It was just so awful. I like the smell of novel books and all that opening it up, but magazines are a different story.

Nowadays, people read magazines online, get newsletters and everything to save on paper, but I still enjoy the traditional way of holding a magazine in my hand and changing the pages with my hands rather than use a mouse or a screen device.

Have you experienced terrible smells coming out from magazines?

Are you no longer opening up or subscribing to them like myself?

7 thoughts on “Toxic Magazine Smells – So Bad for you

  1. Kevin says:

    The only time I have trouble is when they include one or more of those annoying perfume strips. I am very sensitive to the chemical odors, so headaches and/or anxiety often result from exposure. For that reason, I no longer subscribe to any print magazines (except the one that AAA sends me as part of my membership); if I want an issue badly enough, I will buy it from the store—IF it has no perfume strips.

  2. Janan says:

    Can’t get near a magazine, the ink and paper, are toxic to the point I feel sick. Lots of people don’t understand this, it is real and a real health hazard. I hate all those magazines at the doctor’s and salon, where the magazines are all in chairs or shelves , dozens. I hate it when I go to a shop to purchase a present, a small vase, I tell them to not wrap it in magazine or newspapers, hate that!

    • Catherine says:

      I have always bought the Daily Mail newspaper but the past year they have changed their paper and ink the smell is terrible is gives me a bad throat and cough a shame because I always liked to read it but cannot buy it anymore has anyone had the same problem. I have yet to find d out why it has been changed and why it affects me so much. I do suffer from chemical sensitivity but not to newspapers before.
      Cathy Hertfordshire

  3. Brian Steptowe says:

    My wife reads mainly women’s magazines next to me in bed.the rotten smell from the ink is overpowering to wife has a weak sense of smell and does not notice the smell.but I feel sick from whatever is eminating from

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