Movies Shot Out Of Los Angeles

As you may or may not know, I am a huge Movie fan. I love going to the cinema and watching movies at home too. I like the movies that are shot from Los Angeles, they show scenes of the Hills of California, the streets and seeing the Hollywood sign and everything. I especially enjoy it because I have been to Los Angeles and have seen the Entertainment capital of the world. Its amazing.

I know some people think Los Angeles is full of smog, crazy traffic and everything, but beneath that all, it happens to be a great city and I enjoy it. I know that its such a huge place, and every suburb of Los Angeles is scattered around and it takes a while to get to point A to B, but all in all, its a place I fell in love with. I cannot wait to go back in May of this year. Too bad all the shows and everything are on summer repeat schedule and I cannot go to any. If you have any ideas of what shows, games shows are available, please let me know or if you have connections to any studios, movie studios, please inform me. Thank you.

Anyway, going back to the movies. I think the most exciting part is viewing Los Angeles and where film comes alive is from Griffith Park, Hollywood Sign and seeing downtown LA Skyline from there. I went up there and I thought about the celebrities, the award shows, the film industry also looking at homes from there and wonder who lives where. Its incredible. I had this dream when I was a kid to be in the movies and everything, but it did not work out in my favour. I took drama class in high school and I used to do a great job acting. I don’t know why I did not pursue it any further.

It’s okay, I became a writer instead. Hopefully someday I can get into script and screen writing, get guidance from others on how to write them. Hopefully I can and will be able to pull it off. I am sure I will. I have some ideas for new movies that will be a hit at the box office. I just need those connections and I am all set. Nowadays, its who you know, not what you know in any business, and as well as the movie and entertainment industry.

Are you a fan of movies, how they are made and do you get excited about it all?

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