Organization & Neatness – It feels great

In the last few years, I have felt absolutely great to have developed organization and neatness. It really doesn’t take much to be that way. In my life, I have learned the importance of keeping my space neat, clean, tidy and organized. I venture out to dollar shops and other places to find great organizational boxes, containers, and DIY (do it yourself) items. It feels good to know where everything is at home and not having to worry about trying to find it.

I find joy in it all. I sort out my clothes in colours, also my desk area free of clutter. I sort out my kitchen pantry and put non-refrigerated foods in white containers, jars, and all that. I cannot stand my foods in the bags it comes from. It just gets messy. I then throw those bags and cardboards it comes from and I just toss them in recycling. I like seeing everything neat and where I can take it out of the pantry and not having to use bag clips, and them being all over the place.

Another thing I like from the dollar shop and other places are the food containers where you can store food and put them in the fridge after cooking. I get all happy.

I also take out all my shoes, purses, and bags every 2-3 months and re-organize them and then donate whatever I don’t use and make room for the new ones to come in. I then sort out and organize my shirts, pajamas. I just love it spending time with all of that.

Another thing I like to do is organize my washroom. I buy small drawer organizers and plastic drawer sets and put all my nail files, tweezers, shavers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, make-up stuff, hair stuff, brushes and combs and everything else in separate containers. I also love to decorate and make sure that everything in my washroom matches. I don’t like having so many different colours of stuff. My washroom is a mix of green olive, greens, pink, beige, and white.

Yes, I am a neat freak as you can tell. lol. When people come over to my house, and see my place they always compliment me on how incredibly neat and organized everything is. Well, my parents and I love it. So we all help each other out in that front. People automatically feel at home, and some people say it is a very inviting home. It feels great when someone says that.

I have been to some people’s homes and it is just a disaster zone. I almost feel like I want to get up and organize, redo and do everything my own way where people can find things easily. There are people who say, I can’t find this, I thought I had this over there, I guess not, and then you hear people say, Oh I lost this and I cannot find it. There is always a solution to all that. To be neat, organized and upkeep the home to find things easily and right away.

I know some people do not have the luxury of time, and always busy with life, work, other important aspects of life with family and balancing out your time. I know cooking gets in the way, grocery shopping, laundry, busy with kids and all that. I understand the workload and daily tasks that one takes on, and sometimes people call a house cleaner to do the job. I totally understand it, but allocate some time for yourself, and for the space you live in. It is important to keep tidy no matter what happens in life. Time management is key. Balance is an integral part of life.

What do you think about Neatness and Organization?
Are you like me when it comes to it all?

2 thoughts on “Organization & Neatness – It feels great

  1. Mrs. CMac says:

    Great post. I have always felt that the state of my home and work space is representative of the state of my mind. When things start to get cluttered and disorganized, it generally means my brain is cluttered as well. I take the time every single morning to organize myself and plan for the day. People think I’m nuts, and I probably am, but it’s nice to read about someone else who appreciates organization too.

  2. Miriam says:

    I can’t work in a messy kitchen. And it’s the same in other areas too. My office, my bedroom etc have to be clean and tidy otherwise I feel frazzled. So yes, I’m organised and try and plan and prepare for the day ahead. It helps keep everything on track, mostly. Great post.

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