Have Some People Lost Their Sense of Direction?

Is it just me, or have people lost their sense of direction? I was driving and I saw over 10-20 different cars making a wrong signal change maybe even more all in one driving session on the highway, and some keeping their signals on, on the highway and streets too. I almost saw an accident waiting to happen with one of them. It was such a close call. Thank goodness nothing happened. If one of the drivers was not alert and observant all around, things could have gotten terribly wrong.

I saw people who were making a left and going left on a lane and put their right signals on.

I saw people who were making a right and going right on a lane and put their left signals on.

I am seeing this way too often these days. It is pretty scary. Some people don’t know their left and right anymore, their sense of direction has declined. That is pretty sad and very concerning.

Sorry to say this, but smartphones are doing the thinking, computers, tablets and technology is doing everything for people these days. No need to think and learn with the brain anymore, no more hands on. A lot of People these days rely on technology and smartphones these days. So much that they do not know left or right and basic things. It is a very serious situation. These basic things are very important. It is very alarming and that is a big problem.

This Society is lacking on many things. When I saw so many people not knowing their left and right when driving, it really opened up my eyes a lot. I observe these things and I notice when something is wrong with the world we live in today. Too much depending on technology, very little thinking required, very little knowledge and knowing basics are slim to none. People say, I have a smartphone, I have a tablet I can look at for answers I am looking for.

I am not saying all people are like this, but some in general.

What is going to happen in the future? This Generation and the next is pretty concerning. I can’t believe it has come to this. There is no limit anymore. I am pretty frightened about it.

Have you seen people use the wrong signal to change lanes, or turn left or right?

One thought on “Have Some People Lost Their Sense of Direction?

  1. Miriam says:

    I was on a single lane bridge the other day and this driver came round the corner and instead of giving way went onto the bridge and came straight for me. It was like a stand-off. I couldn’t believe it. I ended up having to reverse back from the bridge because the stupid woman wouldn’t budge. There are lots of idiot, inconsiderate rude drivers out there.

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