Remember The Olsen Twins? Full House’s Michelle Tanner

Remember Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen? The famous twins that began their careers in Full House? After Full house, they began making movies, mini shows, then started their own fashion line of clothing and so much more. They were born in June, 1986. One tied the knot with Olivier Sarkozy. I was their #1 fan before. I had oodles of posters, and so many magazine cut outs of just their pictures and everything. I felt like I knew them. However, my feelings toward them changed in the last few years.

The reason for my changed feelings toward them is that I am just not completely fond of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen missing in action and not participating as Michelle Tanner in Fuller House. I don’t know why they won’t participate in the interviews, gatherings, photo sessions, and to be away from the whole excitement their TV Family. I just do not understand why? They were an integral and important part of the show too. I don’t like that. They should be there to be backbones, to support It is not right.

I don’t know. I could be wrong in all of this, but it is what I am observing in the last little while.

You don’t hear much from them anymore. I guess they made their money and continuing to do so as we speak with whatever they have going on in their lives. Just goes to show who has been loyal to their big break and where it all started.

If it wasn’t for Full House the Olsen Twins would not have had a household name and they wouldn’t be as famous. They should be so thankful, count their lucky stars and be blessed to have been part of this beautiful production. If I was part of the show, and I started out from there, I would dedicate my life to a show that was so beautifully done with so much quality, love and so much more. They need to be there with them all every step of the way. Not impressed with them ditching and keeping them all hanging.

Netflix will be showing the Fuller House episodes in a couple of weeks.

One thought on “Remember The Olsen Twins? Full House’s Michelle Tanner

  1. alloftheseprompts says:

    I can understand your feelings, but I also understand the Olsen twins. They were very little when Full House happened – too little to have even decided yet whether this was what they actually wanted – and they’d moved on since then, done other things since then. They’d overcome some major struggles, which were most likely been brought upon or at least enhanced by the fame. Neither of them has been acting in the last five years.

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