Colouring Books For Adults. Who Knew?

In the last little while, I discovered something really incredible. I was out doing my weekly shopping and then I ventured out to another store. I saw something that was so great to see. A colouring book for adults. I did a double take and said, wow that is true. I picked up the colouring book and I saw so many different pictures, patterns, and so many other abstract art type of drawings and designs. I then put it back on the shelf. It was interesting to see.

I also like the type of paper they use. You can use paints, markers and pencil crayons for them. I am going to be buying new markers. I used to have so many growing up and I kept them for many years in a box, and I went out to use them and it is all dried up and not much you can do with them anymore, So I am going to go out and buy freshly new ones and use them. It got me so intrigued and excited. It will feel like I am a kid again. I still feel a kid at heart from time to time, but this will be over the top. It will be a great feeling to remember the past of when I spent time colouring, enjoying myself and no worries or anything.

So, now I am happy that we too can colour. It is not just for kids and I said. Why not? It really does relax the mind and it is a destresser. I absolutely enjoy it. I get kids colouring books and I tell you, it is so therapeutic. Now, that I see adult ones, I will be purchasing it the next time I go shopping. I will check out the book stores too for them.

Would you go back to colouring and using adult colouring books?

5 thoughts on “Colouring Books For Adults. Who Knew?

  1. jowensauthor says:

    I got one a few weeks ago with some Christmas money, but I’ve not had a chance to do anything with it yet. I saw they just released a Harry Potter one, and think I’ll ask for it for my birthday 🙂

  2. Delilah says:

    Yes, there are five in the house! (Not all mine). Only one has been begun so far — mostly worry of spoiing them! There are so many we could go out and get more, so we don’t need to worry — they are just for fun.

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