The Unnatural Soap World

Ever wonder some things about Soaps that these show producers think that the general audience will not notice? But I do notice everything. I usually look at the background of when the actors and actresses are acting, I notice many things as I am sure others have too. I have compiled a list of things that are so unnatural, and that does not make sense to me.

1. When they have babies, right away the parents are out and about leaving their child at home with a babysitter and sometimes I don’t even think so, and they don’t really involve children too much into the scenes. There is no balance.

2. Rapid aging syndrome. They become 10 years old after 2-3 years being on the show. then off to high school and college 5-8 years on the show and even faster. The kids get married and have kids of their own in no time.

3. They wear high heels, and dress up so nicely in their homes with lots of make up, you don’t see them clean the house, dust, vacuum, cook, and spend time at home. You just see them sit there, and then receive visitors, not having family time much.

4. When they take forever to solve problems, and don’t use common sense to decipher situations.

5. When it is so easy to get a marriage licence, book flights, when everything miraculously gets prepared with throwing a party, a wedding and getting documents instantly without waiting for them.

6. When someone ends up in hospital and how quick they see the patient, and then doing all these tests and stuff instantly, getting the results in no time.

7. How they can play around with money and how they never have an issue with getting on a private jet, where all the money comes from. we are talking millions.

8. How easy it is switching a paternity test, DNA Tests and labs without security, clearance and all that standing by the doors.

that is about it.

Does anyone have contributions to add to the list?

4 thoughts on “The Unnatural Soap World

  1. The Vintage Vixen says:

    What about how the one night stand with a guy reeling from a misunderstanding with his girlfriend lands him in bed with the wrong-side-of-town- girl in where she always gets pregnant, even in this day and age when safe sex is the responsible thing to do (albeit not 100% effective though)??? Or how about when the women have brain surgery for whatever reason, or chemo where all their hair falls out, and literally the next day they have a wig or extensions that match their real hair is EXACTLY??? LOL

    But I must confess I am heartbroken that my favorite soaps were cancelled. I ADORED “Another World” (canc. 1999) and “All My Children” (canc. 2011). Both where considered “reality based’ soaps so they never pursued the really convoluted story lines but their story lines surrounding long time great friendships (Jake & Vicky in “AW”, Erica & Opal or Tad, Jessie & Angie in “AMC”, just to name a few, where just as worth watching as the super couple love stories. I miss my friends from Bay City and Pine Valley every single day. Sigh.

    Great post. What soap(s) do you watch?

  2. mukhamani says:

    Soaps everywhere are the same:)) Here there are a lot of negative emotions. My parents were with us in September, they watch a soap. They are now with my brother. I had gone to see them. In five months the story had not really gone forward :)) Fortunately we do see any of the soaps. I prefer reading a book.

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