I Miss Blockbuster Video – VHS Tapes

Does anybody remember venturing off to rent VHS tapes, and bring them home with snacks or make snacks at home with watching movies and shows with our family, friends and even ourselves for a movie night at home? Remember Blockbuster video? Gone are the days where you would rent a VHS tape and then bring it back by the due date and hear the slamming of the video tape being put into the due date slot outside or inside the store?

I really miss the VHS Tapes. Thank goodness I still kept them. Remember when after the movies would go in the clearance bin and they used to be so cheap and used to buy a whole bunch?

I remember how simple life was before, people used to leave their homes to find entertainment, bring it home. Now with the new wave in technology, you can watch movies right on the computer now, you get a subscription to a movie channel and company online and you are good to go. I wish Blockbuster video can come back to us. We even had Rogers video. Now that does not exist anymore.

Technology is taking over people’s jobs too. Lots of people lost jobs because everything is online now. These people who I used to go to Blockbuster video almost every week were very nice people, they remembered us when we used to go and I remember when we were regular customers, they would discount us and give us free movie rental or give us something in return. It was very nice.

One time, when we went past the store we saw that it was closing. Little did we know that it was reported on the news that all Blockbuster video’s are now being closed for good. We looked at the news and there it was. We were heartbroken. It was fun going there and we used to spend a lot of time in the store, we used to talk to the workers there too. It is too bad on what has happened nowadays.

I am convinced that there are stores like that still in existence, but you don’t see them around very often. Now with the download age where you can get all the movies, why would people have to leave their homes anymore and go out in the world and bring it home to watch?

I am just so upset that technology is doing the talking and doing the jobs with no human contact, no hands on and actually doing the work now. Automated, robot, machines is now the world.

They were great times and I would not want to trade those days for these days now in the present and who knows what the future will hold. I really want these stores to come back.

Did you ever go to Blockbuster?

What were your memories?

3 thoughts on “I Miss Blockbuster Video – VHS Tapes

  1. RobinLK says:

    We were Blockbuster shoppers back then – metal drop box and all …. but love Hulu and Netflix now. On-demand TV and DVRs are soooo wonderful in this crazy, hectic life.

  2. uniquelyyourscards says:

    When we “saw the writing on the wall” so to speak, my husband bought a VHS/ DVD player. which still works! We had oodles of tapes, some factory, but most recorded by us. It is true what you say about some things you cannot find anymore. Some movies have been put on DVD but Amazon charges so much for the old ones. I doubt you can find a combo machine but if you can, buy one. Popcorn and soda and a homemade movie sounds good right now!

  3. Steve says:

    One would thunk that if Rogers no longer had to pay for physical tapes, staff, and store rental, their streamed movie service at home would be a lot cheaper than their ‘go, collect ’em yourself’ VHS tapes were. At present, they are a similar price per movie.

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