Aircraft Spotting is My Favourite

A few times a year, I love to go spotting aircraft and sitting down to watch aircraft take off and land so, I head out towards my local airport called Toronto Pearson. There are so many people that come out spotting using cameras and video cameras to take photos and film the aircraft as they land and take off and while still on the runway ready to take off. Some even at the Gates.

We have a group on Facebook called “Toronto Pearson Aviation”, there you will find a lot of aircraft enthusiasts, those who work at the airport, those who have hobby stores of aircraft from small to big. Our family of aviation is so dedicated to these aircraft. or family members are so detail oriented, they know a lot about them, the kind of aircraft it is, we know the difference between Boeing and airbus, as well as all the other technical information that a lot of travelers who go on commercial airlines will not even think of.

It is a great group and I fit right in. I remember one time when I went spotting on Airport Rd at the Country Style/Wendy’s and that is where the runway 23 is, I was so excited to see these beautiful planes land, and I remember seeing the Emirates A380 for the first time and I fell in love with it. It is so huge and the sound is magnificent. After that, I met people face to face from our Toronto Pearson Aviation family and they are such nice and great people and to find people that are interested in what I am interested in is something so incredibly beautiful. I feel so welcome and they make you feel that way every passing day.

Now, after a couple of years, our group members are increasing. Now, my aircraft spotting does not end there. When I fly out, or I am at the Gate waiting for my flight inside the airport grounds, I enjoy observing the aircraft, and the whole operations of an airport. Some passengers like to go look at shops and go shopping and walk around and all that, read their magazines or books, engage into their screens and here is me looking outside, take pictures and even selfies with the aircraft before they begin to call people to board the aircraft. I love to observe the moment and cherish it.

I don’t usually like to spend time in the shops at the airport. I am not that shopping type of person when there are beautiful planes outside just waiting for me to observe and get the best photo shots for me to document.

Another thing that gets me excited is actually being onboard a commercial airline and heading to my destination. I really enjoy the adrenaline of the aircraft when its about to take off and the landing. It is something that I always look forward to. I usually ask the airline ground attendant to put me on a window seat. I just cannot do other seats on the plane. I will always be devoted to my window seat. No matter if it is dark outside, or whatever. I still love it.

Now, there have been people who make fun of me because I like and enjoy spotting and people say, what is the big deal? Aircraft land, take off. Now what? They just get up in the sky or land to gate to the airports for another flight. It is a big deal for some and it is a passion for people, and nobody should be made fun of for enjoying something. There have been bullies and that is not such a great feeling at all. Some have been made fun of by passerby motorists who see people spotting out with cameras and everything calling people names and everything.

It is not nice at all. Some people are just so mean and plain nasty to others. It is not right at all. People should be entitled to what they are interested in and what they love and are passionate about. Also, to never give up their passion just because someone else has a problem with it.

These beautiful planes will forever be part of my memories and future as well. I just love to travel as much as I am able to and I will keep going with what I love. It’s very important to find what you love and what you are passionate about and sticking to it no matter what anybody else says.

Do you enjoy spotting and traveling on Airlines?

3 thoughts on “Aircraft Spotting is My Favourite

  1. Miriam says:

    I do actually. And in fact in my latest post I have a photo of a small aircraft landing on a beach on Fraser Island in Australia. Now that was unusual to see. I love planes, traveling on them and watching them.

  2. ponderinglifetoo says:

    When I was a kid, my father wanted to be a pilot. We’d go out by Pearson (then called something else), park on the dirt, country roads that used to surround the airport with a bottle of ice cold coke and a bag of Hostess potato chips, watching the planes fly overhead. As time went by and the airport was built up, we’d go to the airport, itself and watch the planes take off, up close and personal.

    At one point, my father decided that we should take a flight on a small plane, at Buttonville Airport. The runways were just dirt, pot-holed so that the take-off and landings could chip your teeth unless you clenched hard enough or worked hard at keeping your mouth fully open. I remember gripping the seat with all of my might.

    In later years, we’d fly on a commercial airline and just as you have described, I could see the thrill on my father’s face as the force of the take-off and the landings would be a feeling that one could only describe as an adventure each and every time, no matter how many times you did it.

    I am still enthralled with air planes. I have taken shots of them from Woodbine Race Track and other places nearer Pearson because to me, they are true miracles…tin cans in the air that by all accounts, like the bumble bee, shouldn’t be able to fly. Yet, they do.

    I’m no longer much of a flier. I am claustrophobic so, the thought of being held captive in a tin-can in the air, without being able to get off when I want to, trapped with hundreds of other people, just isn’t “fun” for me. However, should I ever become rich and can afford my own, private jet, that might change.

    I suppose that part of our fascination with flying and planes, comes from the age-old admiration of birds and their ability to fly. I also take pictures of birds in flight. You’re not at all unusual or crazy because there are those of us out here who feel the same as you do about it all. To heck with those who have anything negative to say about us. 🙂

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