Hospital Parking Fees Ridiculous

Ever been in a situation where visiting a hospital to visit a patient, or go to check ups, and visiting doctors for other tests and everything, where you feel very hesitant to go because of the ridiculous parking fees at Hospitals?

Look, don’t get me wrong I am all for giving hospitals money to upkeep, and helping them with updating new machines, purchasing supplies, also helping patients, get new beds, and other equipment. I know it takes a lot of money, but nobody should pay ridiculous amounts just to park a car in a spot.

Some Hospital parking fees go up to $15, $20, $30, and even more. It is highway robbery. It should not be more than $5.00. If you have a test of some sort and visiting patients, your parking fees should be validated.

Some people find other ways to go park their cars. Either at a nearby plaza, on other residential streets, and some people drop patients and people who have to go to tests and stuff, then they wait for them at a nearby place and wait for their call to go pick them up from the front entrance.

Some people just don’t want to go into the hospital with loved ones or wait for them inside because of that. Some patients go alone when they go for day surgery. I know it doesn’t sound right when it comes to money and a persons well-being and health at issues like this and I know it should not be an issue, but for some people it is. I have heard that many times when going to hospitals that people just do not want to pay for something ridiculous as parking.

Some people just do not want to pay those outrageous fees. These hospital officials that control these prices for parking think everyone has a lot of money and that everyone is made out of Gold, so they will charge people ridiculous amounts. Things need to change. If everyone opens their mouths and take our thoughts to these people in charge of these prices, maybe things will change. It is unlikely, but we have to speak up and spread the word out if we do not like something.

They should be investigated. They probably have in the past or whatever the case, but it is time to do it. it is preposterous

Hopefully things will change and be more reasonable. Heaven forbid anybody gets into that predicament of hospital visits.

3 thoughts on “Hospital Parking Fees Ridiculous

  1. Miriam says:

    My mum was in hospital (in Melbourne) for about four months last year after brain surgery. I went in nearly every day and had no choice but to pay for car parking which cost me on average $17 every time. On top of the stress and anxiety it nearly sent me broke. It’s so wrong.

  2. Alveena says:

    I agree, sometimes you have to get yourself treated for something or go see a doctor and you are worried about the parking fees which is more than the doctor’s fees. That is New York, New York for you.

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