Depth of The Ocean a Mystery

No one really knows the depth of the ocean, and some people sometimes ponder on how much water there is on earth. Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean of over 36,000 ft of water. So, when you fly up in the sky with a commercial airline at 36,000 ft and just a bit more, imagine all that water underneath you. It is a pretty scary thought, but I believe that there is more water than the Mariana Trench. The Trench is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, but to me, I think the water goes even deeper somewhere else. To me, I say it’s bottomless. The R.M.S Titanic rests at 13,000 ft below on the Atlantic Ocean floor.

. I was on a cruise ship and when the captain announced that where we are sailing now on the ocean in the Caribbean is 6,755 feet of water. I found it to be a little nerve wracking, but then I said, wow that is incredible. I saw some Dolphins too after he said that on the PA system. I am glad for technology these days. With hi-tech compasses, more safety features, new innovative technology to move a heavy and huge vessel to keep it floating on the seas. Its incredible on how thousands and hundreds of thousands of tons are capable of floating on the ocean surface. It is a floating city on the sea. I hope I will get to be on a cruise ship once again very soon.

I will be studying this further and doing extensive research. These things interest me and it is so intriguing to learn about the world, geography, the oceans, streams, rivers, lakes and so much more. I am excited. I love learning about the world a lot. It keeps me informed about everything

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