Getting Back Into My Cruises Travel Mode

It has been a while since I have been in tune with a different type of travel that goes to many destinations at once. Something that brings traveling to an awesome level. This type of travel requires a huge body of water such as Atlantic, Pacific and other oceans and seas. This form of travel is on a huge vessel which are called ships. In the travel world, we call them Cruise Ships. I have sailed on 4 Cruise ships in my life. It’s such a great way to travel and experiment different ships and sizes from small to huge.

In the last couple of days, I have been brushing up and studying the cruise industry once again. I had been out of the loop for about 4-5 years now. Maybe a bit more. A lot has changed in the cruising industry. Many new Ships have joined cruise lines, policies, rules and so much has been updated in the last little while with new technology, innovative ways to preserve our waters with less pollution and more better ways to make the cruise ships run on natural fuels and more.

It is incredibly amazing on how such huge and extremely heavy ships can be floating on our waters. Ships have come a long way since the making of the R.M.S Titanic and those big talkers and boasters about how the ship is unsinkable and even God cannot sink the ship. Now, ships are equipped with all kinds of communication devices, more lifeboats, many emergency kits and life jackets. Heaven forbid if something goes wrong, which hopefully it will not. The have mandatory lifeboat/lifejacket drills on board each Cruise vacations for passengers and crew which everyone must go to for precaution.

Do not ever be scared or think about cruising to be boring. It is a floating city on water, and it feels like you are on an all inclusive beach resort, just that you are surrounded with a huge body of water. Trust me, it is incredibly beautiful sailing on a ship. There is no time to bore yourself. There is always something to do on board with eating, going to shows, bars, lounges, activities, working out, pools, hot tubs, shopping. You name it, they have it.

I am excited to be going back into my cruise mode. The reason being is that I want to educate myself so that I can help people who will be new to the cruising industry, those who are new, and those who have sailed in the past before. Another thing with me is that I know some people may know what they are doing and how they handle situations and everything when they travel, but when I explain it to them, I don’t want people to think they do not know or whatever the case maybe. I feel better advising people all the time. I will have done my duty that way and because I care. I wish the best for everyone’s travel plans. Hope you can come to me with whatever concerns you may have.

Have you been on a cruise?
Are you considering on going on one in the future?
Are you new to the cruises industry?

would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Thank you.

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