The Beach is my Paradise

In life, we all have places and things we all enjoy and get great joy from. I absolutely find great pleasure in paradise at the beach. When I travel to resorts at southern destinations in the Caribbean, I first get acquainted with the resort on the first day and then without wasting any time, I venture off to the beach where I soak up in the sun, take a nice swim in the salt watered ocean amongst the sand, the hot sun, getting tanned and the joys of feeling comfort under my feet. You will see seashells washed up by the shore and in the sand.

The sand is an automatic natural pedicure which gets rid of the impurities, dry skin and cracked skin, with the mix of natural salt water ocean which is so therapeutic and good for the body and skin. These are natural ways without strong chemicals in lotions and spa products. I venture off to the beach once or twice a year. I also enjoy seeing fish swim around me and take off after a couple of seconds, looking under the seafloor to check for shells and other fish.

The blue sky, the birds chirping, the ocean breeze with the palm trees swaying back and forth, sipping on a nice drink, relaxing at the lounge chairs with my sun glasses on, the warmth of the sand between my toes, and enjoying my time without technology, without books and screens in my face, without music. Just listening to the sounds of the ocean and clearing the mind. I sometimes see people read books and look at their smartphone devices. There is a time and place for everything and being at the beach requires you to just unwind, relax without anything in your hands. That is the true meaning of relaxation. Okay maybe reading books can be relaxing for some people, but then it gets you even more tired in the mind. Don’t do it on the beach.

Trust me, it does not get boring. You may think it is boring not doing anything, but it is not boring. It is how you think of it and how you handle it. It is never boring to relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean horizon, the sun, and the sand, the scenery and more.

The beach is a natural way to relieve yourself of stress and get physical, mental and emotional cleansing to capture and think of the moment. Vacations go by like a dream. Enjoying each moment and not wasting any time going to paradise is very important. Don’t connect to the world for just a little duration of time. Disconnect, and live for the moment.

I sometimes do not understand why or how people can go lounge by the pool side of a resort, when they can look at pools back at home. Might as well as not go on a vacation if people do that. I know some people may mind the sand, the ocean and everything, but that is the true key to paradise and relaxing there is so much better than getting into water that is full of chlorine and terrible chemicals that can get on your skin and absorbed into your body. The ocean is where its at.

What is your paradise?

3 thoughts on “The Beach is my Paradise

  1. Iggy says:

    The beach has ALWAYS been my safe haven. I grew up in sunny San Diego and the beach life was mine. I would enjoy going down to the various beaches with my boyfriend and his crew and watch them surf for hours on end. Climbing cliffs, walking the shore, sitting under the jetty… Even as a child, when we lived in Japan for 3 years, I would wonder off to the rocky sea side and just sit and let the waves spray me. I would always get in trouble for being gone for so long, but the sound is like a lullaby, a natural relaxant.

    These days, now that I am married and living in a landlock state that is Ohio, we venture to North Carolina every summer for vacation. My husband originates from there. His family has a beach house on Emerald Island. Super nice! I didn’t get to go last year, but I am hoping to this year. I need some fresh ocean. I could sit there for hours in the dark, just listening to the waves crash the shore…. I hope that is what heaven is like.

  2. Craig says:

    There is a theory that the love of coasts and beaches is inherent in our DNA, that we evolved along shorelines and that shorelines were integral to our evolution. My favorite coast is rocky not sandy, but it is peaceful and it is mine.

  3. Mrs Suvi says:

    I do love a beach and sea. But coming from Finland where outside pools are very rare and with my background of a childhood spent in Malaysia with everyday access to pools, I really have to say that mine is an outside pool. It can either be in a tropical paradise or even in Iceland – but as long as it’s outside, I’m happy.

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