I Enjoy Helping People To Travel Smart & Wisely

In life, one of my greatest joys of assisting people is making sure people travel smart and wisely. To make sure people have fun and enjoy themselves fully and not to waste time. Some things I emphasize on more than others and making sure that travelers do not sweat the small stuff in terms of if there is something missing or whatever the case. They begin to be disrespectful and throw hissy fits. I advise them to take it easy and just ask politely. It is never okay to put someone down and disrespect them for something that is not necessary or even at all.

Here are some things that I help people with.

1. How to pack accordingly to the destination

2. Packing smart, giving tips on what to pack in carry-on and checked baggage.

3. How to get through security quick and easy.

4. What to do at resorts and all inclusive destinations such as etiquette on buffet’s, how to spend time wisely and do things efficiently and smart. Also cruises too.

5. What you should do before going to the airport, when to check in at the airport, about the airlines and all that.

6. Advising people to always get travel and medical insurance to cover any cancellation’s, delays, where you will be guaranteed another flight, receive vouchers and heaven forbid if something goes wrong medically, you are covered and do not have to pay additional fees to see doctors or need hospitalization, hope you won’t need it, but it is good to go on vacations with a peace of mind.

7. How to deal with staff of hospitality and tourism whether its an airline attendant, to resorts staff, ground airport check in staff, cruise ship staff, and more. How to treat them and not be so demanding and make them uncomfortable. Respect to be respected, and appreciate to be appreciated.

8. About how to keep organized in your hotel rooms, and if there is a room safe to use it to put important and valuable things such as passports, and stuff, and the importance of not keeping things lying around in the room, and everything.

If you have any questions, concerns, and stuck on what to do, let me know. I know it can be a frustrating, yet confusing on some things when it comes to travel, but look no more. I will be your travel advisor with anything you need.

2 thoughts on “I Enjoy Helping People To Travel Smart & Wisely

  1. Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor says:

    Hello there friend, I have not have enough time to read your posts but I am glad you stood by me. Thank you very much would suffice for now.

  2. Love_to_cook says:

    Hi Talin, Thank you for this post. it Will sureley be quite helpful the next time I get away. I am thinking about taking an all included vacation with my husband in the summer time. but I haven’t never been to an all included resort before. Can you tell me more about this buffet ettiquette you mentioned in your post? The problem is I always wanted a bit of everything at the buffet but I can’t always finish it…. my eyes are bigger than my tummy! help!

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