Travel Sanitary Etiquette For Resort goers


I am just frustrated so much with this. I just can’t take it anymore with these people.

I have said this to people and I will say it again, Okay, So I guess my point is not coming across. People again are giving a bad name to Sunwing Airlines and the destinations. Okay, let me tell you the difference between Destinations and Airlines. Sunwing Airlines flies you to your destinations, whereas the destinations/resorts are the ones you have to deal with. There is a bad rap on Memories resorts, Be Live and such. Okay, as a two-time Memories resorts guest within a year, I must say the resorts are absolutely awesome and incredible. They are clean and tidy and I always see people cleaning the resorts.

Now tell yourself, those issues can be with the guests themselves trying to look all innocent and make a stink out of nothing, making big deals. When I go to resorts and the reason why people are getting sick and everything is because some people go to the buffet line and start putting their hands into the food where it should not be, people pick up stuff with their hands and I have seen it with my own two eyes. The person’s hands may have been dirty and did not wash it, and some people sample the food right then and there. I have also seen people use the utensils and eat from it then put it back in the food for the next person. Also, people who cough or sneeze around food as well. OF COURSE PEOPLE GET SICK! Do not ever put the blame on resorts, where it is the guests fault for putting everyone else’s health at risk, where these people who work at the resort do their best to keep the place clean and tidy.

Some of these guests have no manners, no etiquette, no hygiene, lack of education and intelligence when it comes to common sense and being taught qualities and values and the way to be sanitary. Some guests think it is only about them when they go to these resorts. They do not think about the next person. It is disgusting and there should be more security and more people supervising the dining areas when it comes to grabbing food from the buffet areas. That is the only thing to keep these guests in line. There is no excuse to disrespect the staff at resorts. Guests should take a long look in the mirror before the criticize and point fingers. especially to an airline that has nothing to do with the resort, but should never blame the resort anyway. It is the actions of the guests which make the place unsanitary.

Ohhhh Toilet paper has not been replaced in the bathroom. BIG DEAL! There is a thing called asking nicely to the cleaner to replace it, or there is a thing called, etiquette and the common sense to know that these people are working so hard to upkeep a huge resort. We are just going there vacationing, sleeping, drinking, eating, playing, enjoying. Did people stop and think about being respectful and nice to the workers that are doing everything in their best to make sure your stay is enjoyable and great? Did guests stop and think about where the staff come from? In Cuba and Dominican Republic, they too have a hard life and may even have a harder life than us with them having next to nothing in their homes and they live in impoverished conditions. You can’t always expect everything to be perfect.

This just grinds my gears. I just cannot tolerate people bad mouthing and making accusations.

Respect to be respected
Appreciate to be appreciated

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