Appreciating Someone When They Are Alive

With all these people dying that have happened so far this year in 2016 and other years is terrible and heartbreaking to lose a loved one in our families, friends, co-workers and others, however it seems to me that after someone dies, some people tend to appreciate them more, they become more popular, that person who has died starts trending even more than they were alive and they become more important than they were when they were present in this world. I guess some people do not know how to appreciate a person until they pass away. People need to show the same love, appreciation and importance to someone when they are alive. That is what counts.

After someone dies, don’t say, I wish I had spent more time with this person, I wish I had done things differently and be there for the person and give them more attention, love them and appreciate them more. Do it when the person is alive and can see and feel how important that person is to you. Not just talk about it, but to act on it. Actions speak louder than words. Care about a person when they are alive, not when they pass away.

As we have heard on the news, in our social media news feeds, news sites about Natalie Cole, Rene Angelil, Lemmy, Alan Rickman, David Bowie and others who have passed away, I keep seeing all their names trending even more, a lot more people begin to talk about a person more, their memory and everything. It matters, but it doesn’t matter in other ways because the person is no longer with us. Yes a legacy lives on and we will remember people, but the most important thing is to spread that energy to these people when they are alive.

Life is too short, be kind to each other, care, love, support, appreciate and be there for each other as much as you can. don’t have these feelings after a person dies and cannot feel it and see it. They can only see it from up in heaven when they look down to you on earth.

4 thoughts on “Appreciating Someone When They Are Alive

  1. Oh I so agree with your words. My mum is battling the effects of two brain operations that went horribly wrong. Although she is still with us she can no longer talk and we don’t know if she recognises us, which is heart breaking. But when she was well she knew I loved her, and I have no regrets in that regard. Love your family and friends while you can. We only get one chance.

  2. This is a great post Talin. We should appreciate loved ones when they are with us. Unfortunately, not enough of us do this. We take for granted that we have them. I do wish that I had more time with my mother before she died but I was too young to appreciate how big an impact her loss would have made on my life. (I was 9) I wish your family all the best Miriam!

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