Eating Healthy is becoming Impossible

In the last little while, as I have been venturing off to the grocery store to do my weekly shopping for food and other necessities for the home, I have noticed that eating healthy is becoming impossible with the huge price hike of fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods. It has been absolutely crazy.

Doctors, dietitians, health pros keep telling us to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but they should also realize that groceries are not cheap anymore. Many years ago, it was decent, you could go a long way to stretch your dollar, but now food, cost of living is increasing. People have to work harder to make a buck, and that is just ridiculous.

I do not care, food should never be expensive and on top of all that, people need to pay food tax too. Some people are buying less healthy foods in other aisles of what they can afford. I remember one time I was shopping at my local store, and I was in the canned food aisle with the high sodium soups and those ready made noodle ramen soups as well as pasta and rice and all that, also aisles with sugar based foods, I couldn’t help overhearing these 2 people talking to each other saying, “I have been trying to get healthy, but I cannot afford it, the prices for healthy food is insane, so to feed my family, I have to do anything and everything, so I got to do what I can”. It broke my heart. Life has become so difficult. It is unbelievable.

These governments and those who control the prices for our food, should think about all the people that need to dig into their pockets a lot more, but I do not think they care about people at all, as long as they make the money, who cares the health condition of people?

If all these professionals are promoting and expecting us to eating healthy, then they should back us up and offer us coupons, or better yet to work with the government and these food companies, farms that these veggies and fruit come from to come up with a plan that healthy eating is important and where obesity, overweight people can be motivated more when they see prices becoming more reasonable.

For cauliflower now, it is at a staggering $6.00, then for apples it is almost $4.00 for the bag, and there the total is now $10 just for 2 items. For a bag of onions is like $3.50, for red, orange, and yellow peppers is $2.97 a pound. So on and so forth. So with tax and everything it comes up to $20 or more for those things. fruits and veggies should not be more than 1 dollar or $1.50 at the most. They are fooling us.

No wonder why people are so stressed out. I am planning on setting up a petition online to decrease prices for food and to encourage people to eat healthier.

What do you think about it?

11 thoughts on “Eating Healthy is becoming Impossible

  1. $2.97 a pound for red, orange, and yellow peppers would be a bargain. Usually, they’re around $2.99 each.

    Fortunately, in my state (Washington), sales tax does not apply to food, so it could be a lot worse.

    What’s really bad is that the stuff that’s bad for you is so cheap. A gallon of milk costs more than a gallon of gas, but you can get six liters of soda for less than five dollars…

  2. It is quite frustrating that the healthier options are so expensive. Our grocery bill nearly doubled when we made the change.

  3. I agree healthy foods are super pricey!! I have been eating like crap because I’m poor plus the unhealthy foods fill you up more so you don’t buy as much. Vicious cycle for real. Thanks for the info 😉

  4. This very topic can get me very down more and more lately. Even a few years ago when I was in school eating the way I want to and need to eat right now was a lot more manageable. Companies are treating healthy food like a fad and jacking up prices for things that oftentimes actually cost less, they skip the processing step! Not only that, I’ve noticed fruits and vegetables do not last anymore and are often just weird like they have been way too treated. I feel like what they spray on them constantly is more than water because sometimes vegetables just seem to wilt. The only organic fruit I can really afford to buy is bananas. On top of all this they are still victimizing healthy food and what you can get at the grocery store often is not at all how it would turn out homemade, and while I’d love to support local bakers I can’t always afford a ten dollar loaf of bread! It’s criminal that the food industry is at all treated like any other consumer base. All food should be untaxed and considered vital because everyone has different dietary needs.

  5. There is no money to be made in lowering the cost of healthy food. They make crappy food less expensive so we’ll buy that, then we get a number of health issues (physical and mental) so we go to our doctors. Our doctors make us feel worse about ourselves then provide pills to make us “healthier” and “happier” and now we’re dependent on those pills, but still eat crap and so on and so forth.

    If it becomes affordable to eat healthy and more people eat healthy then there will be a dramatic decrease in health issues which means many corporations don’t make all the money.

    I’m not a conspiracy nut, but this is the sad and disgusting truth. The people on top don’t care about the well being of the rest of us. They just want our hard earned money so they can sit comfortably on our broken backs.

  6. Very interesting to hear this. I was just on holiday in Florida (I live in Finland) and I was wondering about the prices of fresh produce, fruits and veggies seemed to be more expensive than here at home. Which is crazy because Finland is a very expensive country.

  7. I agree with you, I know what we do is we go to the non brand name stores to buy our veggies and fruits. It more manageable, of course we also shop around so we aren’t “loyal” to one specific grocery store.. I hope you are able to keep on your healthy diet.

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