The Hayrenaser Organization’s Mission

The mission that Hayrenaser’s organization is to contribute to the development, preservation of Armenia’s statehood. Hayrenaser addresses and identifies challenges that are critical. They will be able to achieve, accomplish and implement goals and projects in relative to Armenia, it’s nation with the support from patriotic and generous people like you.

The programs that Hayrenaser has in the organization are the following:

– The building of Herik’s School
– Complex of Vurgavan Community Infrastructures
– Rebuild Lernahovit School
– 55th anniversary of Monte Melkonyan
– Film “Monte Melkonyan: for justice”
– 54th anniversary of Monte Melkonyan

On their website you can view maps of Armenia, read blogs and get informed on past, present and future projects.


To learn more on The Hayrenaser Organization, you can visit the website, Facebook and e-mail them.
You can make a donation, subscribe and engage into the Organization


Facebook Page: «Հայրենասեր» / Hayrenaser

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