Black Friday Ridiculousness

There are several reasons why I do not encourage and support Black Friday, Boxing Day, and whatever shopping days there are and I think it is absolutely ridiculous. What I don’t understand is that after Thanksgiving or any other occasions like after Christmas as well some people go out the next day forgetting everything and take advantage of Black Friday sales. I think it is hypocritical because just the day before everyone sits around the table being thankful for family, friends, food, and everything around us and you see people writing twitter tweets and Facebook status messages saying that the important thing is family and friends to get together and they also say, it is not the things that matter in life and how we should be thankful every day, then you see the same people out the next day doing the complete opposite.

Are people so dependent on materialism? I think so and I know so. When it is evident that some people in the world do not have anything, that they are in absolute desperation, but still manage and continue to survive and when there are people that are just barely getting by.

Another part of all this Black Friday ridiculousness is that, people line up for hours and days in front of retail stores just so that they can get their hands on a stinking product first and so that they can brag on their social media news feeds and to their family and friends on saying “Hey I got this awesome big screen TV”, or this awesome new cell phone or whatever else. They will stand and freeze and do anything they can to get their hands on anything regardless of weather conditions and whatever else. I think that is absolutely absurd and sad on many levels.

I would rather go shopping when I absolutely need something. I don’t go shopping for the sake of going shopping and blow all my money on unnecessary things.

Some people’s actions are selfish and acting like children starting unnecessary fights in retail stores just for the sole purpose of buying something where you can get it another day. Some people will get injured, have cuts, and get arrested and thrown out of stores. People get tackled, pushed, shoved, bud in line, swear at people, throw punches at each other just so that they can have materialistic satisfaction no matter what cost. It is not only immature behavior but disgusting as well.

People have to stop this utter stupidity. All people are doing is making corporations richer and these corporations are attracting sales so people dig into their pockets further. These are business tactics so that people can rush to the stores and cause all this attention and ruckus. So ridiculous. Some people have become so spoiled, that they don’t even care. Be content and satisfied with what you have.

What is your opinion on all of this?
Have you witnessed it?

6 thoughts on “Black Friday Ridiculousness

  1. I have witnessed it, and I can also say I’ve never, in my adult life, or pre-adult life, participated in the Shopping Friday After Thanksgiving. While growing up, the day after Thanksgiving was the day my Mom put up our Christmas tree. If the rest of the family was there, or even some of them, they would help decorate. As I got older I looked forward to this tradition as much as Thanksgiving itself, because this was the beginning of the Holidays for us, especially for me.

  2. Nothing is sacred anymore. Corporate greed has corrupted everything & everyone who participates in these greedy gluttonous behaviors only serve to further erode what is left of humanity. It is sad that the media has become “God” to the masses & they are such obedient sheep…

  3. I’m from Australia but I have been genuinely shocked at the videos of Black Friday. Even this year watching some of my American friends and see what they deem “appropriate” to post on Facebook…One person said “We don’t need photos of what you ate for Thanksgiving, we all had the same thing,lol”…Then posted selfies all day of herself at the Black Friday sales, because that is just so much more important? Then another person condemned people for getting all worked up over the Black Friday sales. There are more important things to get worked up about, because she lost her Mum this year…Then commented on nearly every single persons photos on what great deals they got and said how fantastic the deals they got were?
    It was watching a contradiction all day!
    Although as a positive though, all the way Down Under, we’ve been getting online “Black Friday” deals and I managed to get a couple of good deals,lol … Although a couple of my friends were upset about it, because we are not American (they still bought stuff anyways,lol)

  4. I am ashamed to admit it, but I did the whole black Friday thing. I got up at 3am, waited in line after line, store after store.. for what?… a couple good deals? I got home at 9 a.m., exhausted and ruined what was one of my favorite day of the year. People were rude and pushy, cranky and just plain out mean. Did it once, but never again. The only place I go is to The Christmas tree lot to get our tree.
    It’s madness out there. Those videos you see, happen. It kills the spirit.

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