Driving on Two-Lane Highways – It Feels Awesome

As you may or may not know, one of the most therapeutic things for me in life is to drive and I like it very much. I especially love to drive on major Highway/Freeway Arteries, big and small, long and short. When I drive, it is very relaxing to me. I remember when I got my G2 drivers licence, I began driving on highways in Ontario, Canada, especially the Highway 401 going back and forth to Montreal from Toronto, and when I used to go up to my cottage in Tweed, Ontario on Highway 37 which is a two-lane highway in some parts. Then after I got my full G licence, it felt awesome taking control and having that experience to drive all on my own from Montreal to Toronto, which is about a 5 hours drive. I loved it. Listening to the radio/cd’s, Myself, my car and the road. It was so peaceful and incredible.

With that being said, I absolutely love driving on two-lane highways as well. I feel like I am driving out in the country, different lifestyle, seeing farmers, pick-up trucks, old cars, overlooking trees, scenery, farmland, agriculture, fruit and veggie farms, animals, a house or 2 within a few km’s away from each other, followed by passing pick up trucks, big trucks/rigs on opposite side of the highway, then seeing solid lines, then broken lines for cars that are able to pass at that moment, say if there is a very slow moving vehicle in front of you, then quickly merging back into your lane, of course when it is safely to do so. I love road-trips like that, and I have to be the driver, but I am not the one who can stay in a car for more than 8-10 hours. That is my maximum limit. Anymore than that, I would rather fly somewhere.

I know sometimes driving in rural country/county township highways take longer to get to places, depends on where you are going, but it feels incredible to see greenery more and to get up close and personal with nature as you drive along.

Do you usually drive in the family or when you are amongst your friends? Or do you like being a passenger a lot more? I am in the mix between both, but I am the one who likes to usually drive. I cannot sit in a backseat of a car. I feel uncomfortable. I have to either drive or sit in the front.

Do you have a driving memory or story?

7 thoughts on “Driving on Two-Lane Highways – It Feels Awesome

  1. I usually drive when my wife and I travel. She will say, you drive honey, and I’ll keep you company. 30 minutes later – zzzzzzzz and she sleeps for 4 hours. For the life of me she says she can’t sleep on a plane but when I need some company after a red eye flight, she is counting sheep.
    I can’t say I enjoy or endure driving the way I once did but it really depends on the company for the road trip. BTW I don’t think anyone likes riding in the back.

  2. I seldom get to be the passenger since I usually drive all the time. I work as a part time limo driver so I drive all over. Driving as much as I do I don’t get to sight see as much and miss some of the nice things on the road.

  3. Do you still love 401? I remember you writing about it before. I used to like 401 allot, well maybe I still do. Thought I was the only one till I typed “I love the 401” in google lol. Never got to drive on it much, because life took me somewhere else, but never forgot the 401 though. That highway used to give me dreams that where quite meaningful.

    Suffered from major depressive disorder for 20 years. Riding/driving on the 401 was probably one of the only things that could alleviate the pain, strangely. Don’t know what it is about that highway– The depression never went away, it was all pervasive, day and night, even in my dreams…

    Not sure why I’m even telling you, I guess because you appreciated the 401 at one time or still do. I met God in the dream… all of nature wanted to be close to it’s Creator, and I thought I was unworthy. Even all the God haters came to meet him- but only to shout their profanities at him…. and they where right at the gate before everyone else.

    God found me on the road in the forest… or we found each other. He was a little boy, that looked lost in the rain, so I took him and held him. Eventually I guessed it was him because all of nature started gathering around us…

    I asked him for 401! He knew exactly what I meant! Afterwards, in a series of dreams, there he was … 401, inspired from highway 401! He’d comfort me when I was in deep pain.

    If you want, I can share some of those dreams with you, if you want to hear them. Just reply back.


    • Hello Kal, Yes I still do love the 401 very much. It has brought a lot of memories for me. Yes please share your stories. would love read it. Thank you. you can e-mail them to me at my e-mail address if you do not want them posted for the public’s eye. you can find my contact information and e-mail on my contact me link, here on my blog site. Thanks again for sharing.

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