Academics VS Life and Personality

In our lifetime, some people respect others a lot due to their academic, education standards in which they bring top marks all the time, being straight A Students, bringing over 90-95 or more average in their report cards, however many people misconstrued intelligence with education/academic standards. Yes being educated in the books and the class is a key component to life, but academics should not be everything in life. — The most important thing about life is to have a great personality, be a sociable person, developing people skills, having street smarts, to be thoughtful, and not always revolving your life with academics.

Everything has a limit, but some people go way overboard about it when it comes to education. Never confuse education with intelligence. A lot of people seem to be doing that. Some people do not even look at you if you do not have top notch degrees, PHD, and high academic standards and that is so wrong. Somebody who has struggled in school or did not become as successful are always looked down and treated like they do not know better than the above average person and that is so wrong. Nobody is better than the other person just because their academic standards are a lot higher than anybody else.

Some people do not even look at a person because of that and it is not only wrong, but very insulting. A lot of people become successful even without high grades in education. People spend thousands of dollars, take out student loans and so many things to get a top notch education, studies, exams and whatever else and then when it comes time to look for employment after graduation, people end up working in retail and fast food places where it is totally different than what they were anticipating and that is just terrible.

People who work for retail, fast food places, and other occupations, doesn’t make it any better than those who are in high places.

I am all for education and everything, but that should not be everything. When you think about it, having people and actual life skills are the most important things in life and should be a priority more than anything else in life. A lot of people go to school for so many years after high school to become something, to venture out, make big bucks and stuff, but the key to life is to be a people person more than anything else.

Yes school teaches us a lot about life, struggles, hard work and determination to get up there, but that should not be everything. Those who are highly educated should not belittle, look down at everybody else, brag so much about their academic journey and make the rest of the people look and feel bad about themselves. That is not good. I mean yes, its a good thing to tell people your good news and everything, but there is a limit, and people go way overboard about it. Not a good trait to develop.

People skills, communication is far more important than what a piece of paper says about our academic journey through life. Think about it.

4 thoughts on “Academics VS Life and Personality

  1. I’ve felt looked down on many times, I am a hairdresser, so I talk to and listen to a lot of people. Big believers in a higher education think my job is one for somebody who couldn’t quite make it else where. It pisses me off because my job is really only suited for certain personality types and take a lot more ambition than college may take. I’ve also been to college, and it’s not a matter of if I’m smart enough or not, it’s just me doing things my way. I used things I’ve learned on my own to wiz through certain classes while other struggled. I’m not better for it, just learned things in that particular area. Learning suck and is hard sometimes.

  2. I am actually interested in education but have put it off this far because I was turned off by the haughty attitudes at university. I was bored when i first went to community college but settled in after awhile and enjoyed the down to earth atmosphere with the college kids who were “poorer” and had to work harder. I grew up in a blue collar family and always have more respect towards those in the working class than middle class types who sit behind a desk. It’s even affected my political beliefs since many of my conservative friends tend to think those in the lower classes are lazy just because they work for minimum wage. Many low income types are actually geniuses in the things they do to stretch a dollar. I bet many of them have more savings than those who have higher income and are in debt.
    Blessings on the blog,

  3. My parents never went to college and worked so hard to put me through it. I was always taught to respect everyone so I make it a point to treat everyone with kindness. It’s tough to work in service-related jobs where most people treat you like you’re nothing. In my second year of teaching, I decided to make some extra money by working at a lingerie store at the mall. I couldn’t believe how rude people were but what surprised me was myself. I thought to myself, maybe some of these women would not be as rude if they knew I could be their kid’s teacher! Then I came to my senses, teacher or not, these women should not be rude, period! People have always assumed I would marry someone with a graduate degree like myself but I married an enlisted sailor who despite not having a college degree is the most intelligent person I know. While I am preparing my children to attend college, it’s equally important for me not to raise jerks.

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