Getting Quickly Attached to Places of Travel

I don’t know why I get so drawn and close to the places I travel to. I become fans of the teams of the city I visit, sometimes its temporary. I haven’t really figured out all the answers. It takes me weeks after I travel somewhere to really get back into the swing of things back at home. I guess because when you travel and go to somewhere else, where everything is new, I always see it as a place that is so cool, sweet and awesome to be in when you see new faces, new streets, different lifestyle, different personalities, and everything else.

about 10 days ago, I returned from Los Angeles and California and I got attached to the place and part of me never wanted to leave. When we travel, we all have our opinions, perceptions and thoughts on places we visit, and some of us think of it as a place where to move and take a long time to come and be part of a whole different lifestyle. However, no matter how much I love places other than my own, nothing really beats home, where you are with your family, great friends whom you are always with, where your life is created daily and home is where the heart is and your every being.

For me, I get attached quickly to places I travel because I know people who live there, whether they are my family, friends, and my online friends and I was so happy to meet them, and some I will meet them some other time. I have always thought positively on how awesome and cool it would be to have all our loved ones, and friends all be in the same city and town, and how much fun and lovely it would be with all the gatherings, parties, the memories made together, I know for some people who is not the case unfortunately, However you can always travel and visit your favourite cities and towns whenever convenient and whenever you are able to. how incredible it would be without being so far away and being able to see each other whenever.

When I left physically from California, Boston, and other places where I have family and friends, where I made friends from my resort travels to Cuba, Dominican and other places, I cry so much when I have to take a flight back and when I have to come to terms with my own reality in the place I live in, when I think to myself, when is the next time I will see those beautiful people again? Wondering how long it will take for the next gathering? It sometimes bothers me on why those who we love are so far away? I get so depressed just thinking about it, but then I think positively and say, hey its temporary, I will see them again and I will go back to places again. It takes patience and time.

I have always wanted all the answers to the questions, but sometimes it is so hard to answer them as it is a touchy subject.

1. Have you ever been attached to places you visited?
2. What was your feeling about coming back home or knowing your visit is coming to an end?
3. How long does it take you to adjust back to your own reality?
4. What was the best place you visited and were depressed coming back?

However with all that being said, never forget the people who are with you and in your life and all the family and friends who are like family who are around in your circle. They are the ones who you make your lots of memories with and they are the ones whom you should cherish, love and respect as they know you best and those who are constantly with you. I am not saying forget the people you know around the world and your family wherever they are, I would never do that, but all I am saying is that never take people around you in your reality for granted and always love, treat them equally and be as excited to see them all the time as you would with the people who you travel to go see.

best wishes always.

4 thoughts on “Getting Quickly Attached to Places of Travel

  1. travelingmind2anywhere says:

    I don´t see any problem being attached to the places you travel, at least you know the value of your adventures. You can always revisit even though that can be costly, but who cares? You can´t buy memories, so go make some more! :).

  2. theoldfellowgoesrunning says:

    I have not travelled too extensively the past few years, but 30 years ago I travelled a lot more. It really was hard to say goodbye to those I loved, and to really keep connected it took a LOT of work through letters and phone calls.

    Through social media, the world has changed, and it has brought the world much closer. Still nothing quite like being with friends in person, and being in their cities and towns. 🙂


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