The Beauty of California

As I was going through the streets of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood areas, I saw a celebrity named Hugh Jackman driving a black Porsche, and then I thought of the glitz, glamour, red carpet, award shows, actors, actresses, singers, film, everything about the entertainment industry, and the widely populated industry it is in LA areas and how my perceptions of Los Angeles is and being it only about arts and entertainment, however, it is something so much more than that. The beauty of the mountains, hills, valleys, scenery, Pacific Ocean, landmarks, is something so indescribably beautiful.
People in LA and California do not realize how beautiful of a place they live in. Some say, we live here and we do not notice everything you do, because we are always in it everyday, and where you keep your eyes open on everything that is new to you. Some of them take it for granted. They are absolutely lucky to be living around all that beauty. I can stare at those mountains, hills, valleys, and everything day in and day out. I absolutely adore California, Los Angeles and everything there is about it.

I really miss you California. It will almost be one week since I am back Toronto and I feel like I could not get enough of it. I am thrilled and excited to go back to Cali next year at the same time. I am counting down the days. Until then Cali, you will always be embedded and engraved into my eyes, memories, soul, heart, mind and mentally and emotionally. I have left you physically, but my spirit is always there.

California Dreaming — Welcome to the Hotel California!!!

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