Armenia in Poetry — By Talin Orfali

Armenia — My Beautiful Country

So much to do, So much to see
Armenia is where I want to be
Listening to zurna, duduk in the streets
while walking to a nice restaurant to find some good eats.

I visited Sourp Etchmiadzin to pray
just before I get old and my hair starts turning gray
I went to Mesrob Mastotz to say thank you
while enjoying myself while looking at the view.

I visited and swam in the hot summer in beautiful Sevan Lake.
I didn’t care how cold it was because I began to bake.
I returned to Yerevan to enjoy it alot more.
on the way I stopped in an ice cream store.

I visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial and began to cry a lot
so I put flowers by the eternal flame that I bought.
I looked at Mother Armenia and told her I love her and that shes in my heart
and I told her that my love for Armenia and My Love for being Armenian will never grow apart.

So I looked at Mount Ararat that belongs to Armenia and Said you will come back to us
because there was nothing else to fuss.
I go back to the hotel Armenia to check out to turn in my key.
All I gotta say is please return our lands Turkey


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