Why Do We Write? What is the Sole Purpose?

In life as human beings in the world, we are all good at something or multiple things and we are blessed with being gifted and talented in whatever that is instilled in you. We all have a purpose in life and it is never late to find out what it is. One of them being is that a lot of people choose to write. Now in social media, and blog sites where it is easy to transmit information and being able to write more easier and quicker so that many people can see instantly rather than waiting for a book to be published. The world can see what you have posted. I began writing in 2002 and even maybe even before 2002. I cannot really remember, but I have been writing for a long time. I began by writing for my church and the events it had, I became a communications director and secretary for committees where I wrote meeting minutes and e-mailed them out to fellow committee members, then eventually when it came time for social media to come around, I began writing for the community of the world.

My Sole purpose of writing is to get my points across. I want to inspire, uplift and make a persons day. I mostly 99.9% of the time like to write about positivity, happy thoughts, optimism and instilling people in giving them confidence, and so much more. I want to make a person smile, to feel good about themselves, to know that there are people who care about every individual around the world, because I care about the human race, and everybody who is on-board in this planet we live in. We are only on this earth for a limited time. We must learn to help each other, give each other a hand, inspire one another, to care, love and appreciate one another without violence, and all the other negative things in the world that are going on right now.

There are so many reasons why people write and the sole purpose of writing is to share experiences in all walks of life, to share ideas from writing news stories, articles, writing poetry, lyrics, short stories, fiction, true stories, sentimental stories, scripture, about movies, music, novels, traveling, children’s books, food recipes, organizational ideas, giving advice, tips, and suggestions about things and places in the world. There are many perspectives that lead to writing. Writing skills are important when you get your points across, but it does not have to be perfect. I know writing is a task that we bloggers know and sometimes we get writers block where it is absolutely difficult to think of fresh new ideas and a topic to write about which is totally in the norm. Even I get days where my mind cannot come up with new ideas, so I resort to reading online, brainstorming subjects to write about and make it into my own words.

Lets put it this way, writing can be anything you want it to be, but to make it in ways where it does not offend anybody, or directly or indirectly to point fingers to someone to prove a point. It is always best to take up personal issues and problems you have with an individual right to their face to confront and come clean about a situation, rather than posting it on social media where thousands and millions of people can see and involving everybody else. It is you, your business and the other persons. It sends out the wrong message. It is best to leave very personal issues off the internet. Not everything should be published and posted. Not when it comes to issues with others. It can really ruin friendships and relationships. Trust me, I have learned that lesson and in a hard way, which is why I do not do it anymore. I am speaking from personal experience. It is not fair for the other person and not fair for yourself as well. It can cause a lot of trouble.

Now to ask you, what is the sole purpose of writing? Why did you start to write and contribute to the world? I know some people will not have all the answers and it is hard to answer this question, but would love to hear and read about how you discovered about writing and what is does to you. Best wishes to you in your writing journey. If you can write or contribute to the world with your words, you can make a difference in the world. It all starts with the outlook that you do have. All the best. šŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Why Do We Write? What is the Sole Purpose?

  1. I write too, I share my story to continue on my healing path and to inspire others not only through my stories, but to do the same too. I highly encourage my audience to write too, whether privately or publicly.

  2. That is such a great question!

    I started writing over at NotForItchingears . com out of my frustration with the Western church. It was very therapeutic to think through some of my objections and concerns and then share them with the world. A great side benefit of a Blog is that you can interact with others who share opposing or similar views.

    Once I got started, I was hooked!

  3. I think you’re right, most people write to share their point or view or to reply to someone else’s point of view.
    We write creatively in order to manage our reality. By using writing as an outlet, we make ourselves, and we hope the world, a better place by being creative and innovative. Our purpose is to explore using words and conveying what we have learned through words. The internet has made it immensely easy to share all sorts of ideas, but it comes down to the intelligence of the reader to acknowledge if the information they’re reading is correct or skewed.

  4. I agree with your point about writing about issues we’ve had with other people – I have written about such issues that have caused me frustration but I’ve done it in a non-obvious way – mostly through poems. I’ve never written an actual account but I’ve shared some of my frustrations and pain in a therapeutic way. I

  5. I began writing (poetry or journals) to express emotion. My motivation behind writing fiction is to entertain. At first, I wrote for my own entertainment, but eventually wrote with the hope of having an audience.

    Great post.

  6. I started writing because I love story; telling and listening. I’ve also found after spending a little time writing my thoughts are clearer for the rest of the day, I’m friendlier, and I just generally feel better.

  7. I began my blog about a year before I published my first book. It was a way for me to perfect my writing and connect with people. I would agree with you that your writing doesn’t have to be perfect in a blog, but if you’re looking to be a published author, then you must learn how to write. Few will put up with error-filled books. A blog, which for many is a sort of journal, is different. And I’m glad you’ve stated what is your brand, Talin – that the purpose of your writing is to lift up others. Congratulations!

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