The Expert Travel Packer – As I am Known To Be

for the last 22+ years of traveling to many destinations, and the countless amounts of times of packing a suitcase has really become nothing for me now. I have another title now, which is “The Expert Travel Packer”. I really enjoy packing and it is one of my favourite things to do to believe it or not. I am known to be organized very well with everything, so packing comes very easy for me. I learned how to pack my own suitcase when I was 7-8 years old. It was fun to do with the supervision of my mom of course, and then after a couple of travels, I began to do it all on my own without the help of anybody, from then I learned how to do everything.

With air travel sometimes there can be this odor in the luggage that seeps in from the baggage storage areas and transporting the baggage to the aircraft, so I buy fabric softener nice smelling sheets, and I scatter them around the baggage, underneath, in the middle of the clothes and a little bit on the top. You open it up and your whole luggage smells nice and fresh, then you can pack some dryer sheets in a small plastic lock bag and then use new ones upon your return.

There is nothing to packing. It does take some practice and a little ingenuity, but everything is quite simple to do.

A couple of days ago a great family friend asked me for packing and travel advice, so I went over to pack suitcases and saved a lot of space and made sure everything is packed neatly, tightly and organized. I did all the packing within an hour. not even. If you have any questions and ideas of how to pack your suitcase with everything that you want to know, especially when it comes to toiletries and bottles with liquids in it and you do not want them to spill out or anything, please do not hesitate to ask me on tips and tricks and I will gladly explain it to you.

10 thoughts on “The Expert Travel Packer – As I am Known To Be

  1. I’m a ‘bring everything and anything’ type of packer. I always take my coffee mug, an electric white light lantern ( I can’t stand lightbulbs that emit yellow color), I always bring three books apart from what I’m currently reading.

  2. I am o.k with packing, my daughter (11) started to pack her bags for the trips but tends to cram lot of stuff and then we question and lighten the bag. Hope she gets the knack of organised packing too.

  3. I tend to pack too much, because I’m always thinking “Just in case this and that happens…”. I ended up bringing an iron with me on a weekend trip to Munich once! It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve had packing practice, I overpack.

  4. Thank you for offering tips. I pack pretty well myself. My Elbow comes in handy. I may be joking. I might not be joking. You may never know. LOL

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