I want to Learn More Languages

Since I have been traveling in my life many times, especially in Spanish-speaking countries and tropical places, for many years now, I want to learn and perfect Spanish. As I go to all-inclusive resorts and I speak basic Spanish with the workers there and the locals when I leave the resort to go shopping and meet people on the streets, I want to take courses and learn Spanish from the internet as well, so as I can communicate with them with no language barriers. I only go as far as How Are you, Hello, hope all is well and all that, as well as saying thank you, However I am learning more and more as I go to these Spanish-speaking countries which is something that makes me feel awesome.

I think the more languages you know the better it is. I know 3 languages now which is Armenian, English and a lot of French. I want to learn different dialects of Spanish as well, and Arabic, German and a few others, however I want to begin with Spanish. I love to learn new things all the time and discover the world and have a universal language.

Knowing different languages and about the world, geography, and everything is so important to me. I love being aware of the world, and what goes on, and where countries are, what they speak and everything. It is so intriguing, and interesting to know. I just do not get involved in my own country and everything, I like to broaden my horizons and know the world, study maps, and places, which is why when I go somewhere I learn it right away and I am so observant about the streets and everything. All it takes is one time for me, and everything else falls into place.

It is also good to know more languages because then when you are somewhere and you hear people talking, you can understand what they say. Hopefully it will not be bad and something terrible said about me or anything. I remember one time I was in a store and I was going through the aisles, then I started talking in my language, Armenian not knowing the people in the same aisle were also Armenian, so I spoke with my mom and asked her in my language if you want to get this and what were going to use it for, then automatically both of those people said, OH Your Armenian? We said yes, then we began speaking to each other, then we became instant friends. Thank goodness we did not say anything bad or whatever, that would have been so awkward and it would not have been a good thing, so were always careful.

That is why it is always a good idea to always speak good things or whatever else that is not about the people around you in your own languages, because you never know, they may know the same language, and be of the same race, and then if something bad is said, it will not be a good thing. I truly believe that learning languages is an incredible thing. Many people find employment as translators and then they find many new opportunities and make a lot of money, they travel and do so much. I really should have gotten into that a long time ago, but it’s not too late. 🙂

How many languages do you know?

15 thoughts on “I want to Learn More Languages

  1. I totally agree with you – languages are like doors and speaking those languages is the “key” to unlocking those doors. Good for you – I speak English, Spanish, and French. Maybe a little Russian.

  2. Languages are fascinating. Whenever I come across anyone speaking in a language unknown to me, I find myself attempting to listen in on the conversation. Currently, I speak English and Chinese(not that good at it). I’m in the midst of learning Korean as well.

  3. Neither English or French is my first language. KinyaRwanda is; however I can fully understand English and french. but I want to perfect in speaking both languages thought it seems I lack the best approaches to use in order for me to do so? I would love you to give me hints of what I can do! Cheers!

  4. Bravo Señorita!!! Mi hable Ingles, Afrikaans (one of the 11 official languages in South Africa) y un poco de español ( and a little spanish) Learning a new language is awesome I particularly am also learning Spanish all the best with your language journey.

  5. learning new languages has been one of fav activities since I was 16. I speak persian (farsi) , English ( you mentioned these as two separate American and English), Spanish and a bit of German. I learned Spanish here in Venezuela. However it is the worse place to learn Spanish because the accent is horrible and totally different from other Spanish speaking countries. and in the other hand lacking of course book, trained Spanish teachers are so effective to learn it in a longer period of time. but I definitely encourage u to learn spanish. a huge door of the world will open in front of you. you will access so many knowledge.

  6. I also would love to learn different languages. But so far, I know my mother tongue, Hausa, English, basic Hindi and in the process of learning Arabic. Hopefully, next stop is Spanish.

  7. Hi dear,

    Good to read your this blog.
    I think knowing many languages is the best thing for a person.
    You are absolutely right about everthing what you said.
    I know english, took german lessons for 2 years when i was in mid- school (but not good at it,unfortunately =( because not to use it regularly) and after university i decided to learn spanish which is my passion. I know that i has to know spanish. I don’t know why but i always have this feeling since i was 9. So i took a little long time but you know what they say ‘better that never’. I’m not excellent but getting progress day by day. At least i can speak and understand daily speeches.

    And i’m interest in many other languages.
    I think learning foreign languages is an ability. Just like other kind of art. You need to have passion more than necessity. Because it took so long time to know a language in advance level. If you have this ability you can learn it more easly than others. Learning language needs patience, stability, practice, etc.

    Also i think if you learn a foreign language you learn those countries culture. This is my one of other passion. I wanna know everthing if i’m learning that country’s language. All those are a big combination. They support eachothers all this process.

    Ohh God! There are many things that i can write. =D

    Thank you dear for giving me this chance to share my thoughts…

    Peace & Love

  8. I’m learning Spanish in university right now! Its definitely worth since it’s spoken in so many countries. Since you know other languages, it will probably be fairly easy too!

  9. I want to learn more languages too. I’m fluent in English and Indonesian and I have been learning French for a period of time on Duolingo. Once I’m finished with that course I’m totally aiming for finishing my italian and learn others.

    You should totally check out Duolingo. It’s an online free language courses. There’s spanish french, dutch, german, portugese and they are always updating with more languages. Good luck on your Spanish:)

  10. I loved the way how you phrased being aware of the world. ” I like to broaden my horizons and know the world. All it takes is one time for me, and everything else falls into place.”

    Great article to remind and inspire to be aware of places, people and concerns other than ourselves; as we are only stronger together and we are here to learn from each other 🙂

    Btw: I speak 3 languages: Turkish-native, English and German.
    All the best from Istanbul!

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