Second Time Around for First Time Around Prices

In the last few years, I discovered second time around stores, so I decided to go into the store and see what the hype is all about. There is an array of second hand items donated to the store such as clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, home decor, kitchen stuff, books, cds, movies, bathroom stuff, furniture, organizational boxes, necklaces, handbags, baggage, hats, toys, kids clothes, pillows, blankets, towels, seasonal items, and so much more. These stores are great for anyone who is interested in buying used products or whatever that person is interested in.

Although I support and fully recognize the greatness of these stores, however there are some stores, that sell second time around items for first time around prices. I think that when people donate things to those stores, things customers buy should not exceed more than 5 dollars. Books, Movies should not be over 2 dollars, clothing should be under 5 dollars or less per item, and everything else should be priced more reasonably.

I’ve heard in the last little while, that second time around thrift store customers are complaining that things are so pricey than the regular box stores, and charge more for items. It is ridiculous. Some said that we are regular customers but as of today, we won’t be shopping here anymore very often. I know that things are getting expensive, and prices are increasing, however there is no excuse on charging people 25 dollars for a handbag, or 10 dollars for a pair of jeans, or 8 dollars for a pair of shoes. I know these thrift stores need to make money too for rent of the place and to pay its employees, however second time around stores are there for a reason to be more convenient and to recycle items which can be used by another person.

I fully support the recycling of clothing, and stuff, but things should be priced a bit more reasonable, so that people can actually buy things. I heard many people in the aisles saying, I am not pay 8 bucks for a top that has slightly faded. If they give it to me for 2-3 dollars, I will take it. Sometimes at the checkout cash they can be reasonable by lowering the price, but sometimes they do not which is not good.

I know a lot of people may be afraid to shop at these stores because another person who wears the clothing, and uses things can transmit bacteria and all that, however when you wash and disinfect stuff that you buy, you will be fine. I shop there once in a while and sometimes find good deals, so I buy them, wash them out thoroughly and then wear or use them.

Do you shop at Second time around stores? Have you noticed an increase in prices? What do you think about these thrift stores? Would you ever shop at them or are you curious about what you will see in those stores?

6 thoughts on “Second Time Around for First Time Around Prices

  1. I have used second hand shops both in Denmark and in Spain. I see a big difference here because in Denmark mostly of the shops are for helping people in need and people work there for free, without salary. All economic abundance goes to people in need. In Spain I have only seen shops try to make money at second hand things.

  2. I don’t shop second hand as often now, but I used to be quite the fan. The prices here in L.A. were pretty reasonable. Back home, though, my mom was unable to afford most the things at second hand shops … if you can’t buy something first hand or second hand, what’s to be done? Garage sale and Dumpster dive, so that’s what my mom did.

  3. I find the same here too. As a stay at home Grandma, on a very tight budget, i am always looking for a deal and this is true the second hand shoppes are more pricey than first hand stores. We have even went and checked out the flea markets and they have high prices too.

  4. I too use what we call here charity or second hand shops. They are very popular here, in the small town I live, maybe about 2000 population, there are 6 charity shops. You can get a pair of jeans for 4€ which is good. I have bought good curtains for very cheap. On the whole it is a good way to shop but you have to search for the best stuff. We think it is fun!

  5. Most thrift store here are run by non-profit charitable groups. Some seem to have raised their prices recently, but I think they are losing business to the other thrift stores in the area. There’s no reason they should charge top dollar for things that were donated for free. I love donating to and shopping at the thrift stores because when I donate, I am recycling items that can still be used, so less ends up in the landfills. I love shopping at them because I can get a good deal by buying something used instead of new and the money I spend there is used to help those who are less fortunate. It’s a true win – win.

  6. I have found that the location or store itself often cannot be fashionable or you do run into the situation that you have described with this article. Montreal and Vancouver seemed to have very few secondhand opportunities that were affordable except the actual Salvation Army or Goodwill stores. In Kansas, I have been pleasantly surprised at the good deals because we are not looped into the global economy. -‘tarotworldtour’

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