Favorite Halloween Candy – What I loved Getting

As Halloween is approaching in a few days, thought this would be timely to bring up. When I was a kid going door to door on Halloween night to go trick or treating, I was ever so excited to put my costume on and of course get candy, chocolate and chips in my bag. I had sometimes received other things in my bag as well, however there are some of the candy, chocolate, and chips that I used to love getting. I used to come home and sort out all my candy with my parents. Some of them really stood out for me and I never really bothered with the other candy I did not like, so I gave it to my family to eat. 🙂

My Favourites include:

— Little smarties boxes
— Candy Corn
— Popeyes little white cigarettes
— Twizzlers
— Nerds Candy
— Whoppers
— Milk Duds
— Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
— Gummy Teeth
— Rockets – They look like little tablets
— Little Chips bags
— Canada Loonie Dollar Chocolate Coins.

I remember I used to fill up 2-3 bags and sometimes I would take pillow cases with me, and it used to fill up to almost the top. I went everywhere so quickly. I used to map it all out with the most houses and areas around, so I would go and get the candy quick and I would start just before it started getting dark out, and then I would start my journey. It would last for quite a few hours and until I came home, with the help of my parents to carry the bags. I remember it would take a while to sort through the candies and then I would share and give them to my cousins, to my neighbors, and of course keep a lot of it for me too. 🙂

What did you like getting in your bag? What was your favourite chocolate, candy, chips or whatever else you got in your Halloween treat bag?

12 thoughts on “Favorite Halloween Candy – What I loved Getting

  1. When I trick or treated…mine was heading for one house first before she ran out of….Cup of Gold! They were full sized two to a package!

  2. Hi,

    I love you quote up there about never changing yourself to impress someone. Super important to do things for yourself! Anyways I’m new to this blogging thing and just wanted to say I enjoyed this Halloween read! One of my favorite candies is still Reese’s peanut butter cup and sour patch watermelon!

  3. Ooh…candy… yummy ! =) It has ben years since the sugary stuff has passed my lips, and your post has me reminiscing fondly ! =) Tootise rolls, swedish fish and red twizzzlers, sigh. =)

  4. Oh, how you brought the memories back to me! Such fun, my mouth is watering. Love the candy corn still, mixed with peanuts (my grandpa’s favorite too), and Reese’s peanut butter cups, I can eat forever….:) Thank you!

  5. When I was little, I did not discriminate…however, I was baffled by the small “special dark” mini Hershey bars. I thought they were horrible and bitter, and questioned why any adult would include them, unless they hated children. Now that I am older, they are the first item I steal from my kids bags. Not the only ones, but definitely the first!

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