Comfort Food At its Best

There are days where we have had a bad day, something emotional might have happened, personal issues, or just that your day may have been rough at school, work, in a social setting, a disappointment and sometimes you just feel like over-eating more than the norm, but on comfort food. Sometimes there does not have to be a bad day, some people indulge on comfort food whenever they like. I know they say in moderation, but sometimes you cannot contain yourself and control the amount that goes into your body, but once in a while it is perfectly okay to over-eat or to cheat days where you feel like you need to have carbs and a little bit of sugar in your body.

Sometimes in the spare of the moment, you feel like heading to your local convenient, grocery store, restaurant and just grabbing a bite to eat, or loading your shopping cart with all these snacks, comfort food, and goodies. Its alright to do it once in a while I guess right? :).

What gets your taste buds rolling? My Comfort food at its best includes a variety of things which keep me going when I have a rough day, or when I have had a good day too. It does not matter.

My list of Some of the Comfort food I enjoy include:

— Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
— Frito Lay — Lays Ketchup Chips
— Kit Kat —
— Hummus
— Pita Bread Chips with Labneh (Pressed Yogurt)
— Doritos Cheese Nacho Chips
— Cashews, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds
— Crackers
— Pretzels
— M&M’s Peanut/Milk Chocolate
— Nerds
— Fast Food
— Pizza
— Pasta

There is a lot more to this, but those are my main things.
What about you?
Do you indulge in Comfort food often?

8 thoughts on “Comfort Food At its Best

  1. humm I am having a battle with Lay’s salt and vinegar potato chips. I don’t do a lot of sweets but these guys are my #1 vice right now. #thestruggle But we can overcome these and other things that may snag us. Like I replaced them with carrots. I know is the crunching effect I guess. And I have cut my chip intake to 2 servings a day.

  2. Hi Talin, my fave is: a glass of hot chocolate/green tea latte/sweet milk coffee Dutch style. In all above they have the sane formula: sweet, hot, a bit bitter (get the body taste of green tea, coffee and dark choco). But since I have to reduce intake on anything sweet, to let my tongue adjustable to natural taste instead of refined one, I don’t stock them at home, I change it to lighter version: hot pure green tea, hot Earl Grey, hot coffee with a bit sugar but no milk. Have a good day!

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