The World of Music – What Kind Do You Enjoy?

In my life growing up, I have had the pleasure of listening to so many types of music, especially from my culture, and while traveling to tropical Caribbean destinations. I am into the Armenian, Arabic, Greek, Persian, Lebanese, Bachata, Steel Drums, Merengue, Mariachi, Salsa, Cuban, Reggaeton, Spanish, Latin, Italian, Pop, Alternative, Zumba, Reggae, Fete, Soca, Caribbean Music, Tropical Music, Nature Music, and sometimes I enjoy listening to the 80’s and 90’s to bring back the days of great quality music. I even listen to the 70’s too although I was not around back then, but I did grow up with a lot of different types of music which has been amazing.

Nowadays, I have been listening to a lot of tropical music which makes me feel like I am on the beach with the salt water, the ocean breeze and so much more. Music is a universal language that everybody understands and there are so many types, its countless.

What kind of music do you and your family and friends enjoy? Do you enjoy it on your own, or with people? What gets you in the mood? Do you have days where you listen to one type and another day another type? I am sure for every mood there is music. Would love to hear from you.

Keep Calm and Music on! 🙂

5 thoughts on “The World of Music – What Kind Do You Enjoy?

  1. Wow! Its a gift to have an ear for so many genres of music! I completely agree that music an universal language it truly brings different cultures and people from all walks of life together. I especially love pop and indie music, really gets my vibe up haha 😀

  2. Classical for me: Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Pachelbel, Satie etc. The most emotive and spectacular music imaginable.

    I’m also a big ’70s and ’60s fan. Bands like Cream, Can, The Band, The Doors, Led Zeppelin. Modern stuff includes The Stone Roses, whose drummer Reni is beyond belief. A total genius. I include a clip of The Band as my contribution. Hope you enjoy!

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