Feeling Left Out – Worst Feeling Ever

In life one of the worst feeling is about feeling left out and its terrible having to find out friends make plans without you and do not even tell you about it until having to find out after. It is such a terrible feeling to go through and no one should have to go through it.

Sometimes these things happen to open up our eyes about certain people who do not appreciate you for who you are, and these are the things to know where you stand and what to do in future. So, Don’t worry about others who do not appreciate you. The person who comes to your life and does not leave you to the curb and leaves you out to dry is someone to keep in your life.

Have you been through a situation where friends, cousins, or anyone go out without your knowledge, then having to find out about it through pictures, a slip up in a conversation on another gathering, finding out from other sources. It is the crummiest feeling ever and nobody should be subject to those terrible feelings.

A real friend will tell you that they will be hanging out or something and will always involve you, will always ask you if you are available. True friends will never leave you high and dry, they will not keep anything from you, they will not lie to you, they will not use you.

True friends help each other, love each other unconditionally, who enjoys each others presence, who make memories together, who go through thick and thin together, who spend time together, who advise, involve each other in everything and anything in our lives.

I know it is a terrible feeling, but look at it this way, you know where you stand, you know who not to involve in things in your life when you make plans, and you definitely know who not to trust anymore. Choose your circle carefully and do what you feel is right for you. Feeling alone is terrible, but being with the wrong people will make you feel more alone. Keep that in mind. Best wishes to you!

5 thoughts on “Feeling Left Out – Worst Feeling Ever

  1. Good post, thanks for your perspective. =) It is true, knowing where you stand is the best thing in the long run. I am sorry that you had an experience like this and hope it was not recently.

    Have a beautiful evening ! =)

  2. That sort of thing used to bother me- it’s worse if someone does tell you first but also makes sure your not invited- but I’ve learned to let it go and now it doesn’t even phase. Sometimes ppl flake out and don’t show up. That still gets to me only if it’s something important, or if they do it to my kids- that really burns me up.

    There’s a book I read, it’s about “Kabbalah” it’s called the monster is real, it helped me SO much with those feeling, it helped me not be bothered by what ppl do or say.

  3. I can say that I had a fair share of this feeling when I was younger, plainly because I really thought that we were real friends. It made me sad and made me question myself on why I was getting such treatments. Then later on, I learned to handle them and still learning at this point. But I am also thankful that I had to go through these, because it made me discover who are the real people on my life. Just take it as a blessing in disguise 🙂

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