Actor Robin Williams Dies at 63 – Sad News

It is with heavy heart to have to report that my childhood actor, comedian and talent Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014 in California of apparent suicide. He made everyone else laugh and entertained everyone, while he was struggling with depression and mental illness. Robin was Born on July 21, 1951. His death came as such a shock to me. I was drinking a glass of Orange juice this evening, and I almost dropped it from my hand when I saw the news. I cannot believe this happened. I cannot stop crying tonight inside and out. I have so many tears rolling down my cheeks. I just cannot stomach this. It has hit home to me very hard.

My favourite movies of Robin Williams are Good Will Hunting, Mork and Mindy, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Hood, Hook, Happy Feet, Aladdin, RV, Jack, Nine Months, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, and many more.

Although I never personally met or knew Robin, but I felt like I did. I have and will always be a fan of him and I will miss Robin Williams terribly and I will forget remember all the memories and his movies. I think I will run a Robin Williams movie-a-thon this week to honor and remember him. His Legacy will forever remain alive, always in our hearts, in entertainment forever. God rest his Soul.

My thoughts and prayers go out to His loved ones and the Hollywood Family, The Academy, Oscars, and Everyone whom he had touched, entertained, Sad day in Hollywood indeed. My Fellow Fans and I were devastated more than words can say. 😦 Shocking does not even begin to describe our feeling. REST IN PARADISE and in Peace Robin Williams.

12 thoughts on “Actor Robin Williams Dies at 63 – Sad News

  1. I feel exactly the same as you do. As soon as i heard the news, I was devastated. I sat in disbelief for a few moments, then quickly opened WordPress and started writing how I felt, how I thought we all felt.
    I still feel like crying, and crying.
    Great post, thanks for sharing it with us.
    Sincerely, Dawnasong

  2. very sad..How I wish he could have come openly and helped other people battling with the same issue..He could not have died like this…very sad

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I too will sorely miss Robin Williams contribution to the entertainment industry. So sad that he was overwhelmed by depression in the end after battling for so long.

  4. Hello Talin, I know how you feel. I cried too. 😦 Of course the way he died made the situation even more painful. Depression is a very serious disease. Hopefully this will create awareness for the disease.

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