Have We Become An Over-sharing Society on Social Media?

Since social media has come into today’s society for several years now, with an easy and instant way to communicate to the world about our every move, and everything that goes on in our lives. The question is, have we become an over-sharing society? Is it necessary to post every single thing that we do on a daily basis? Do we think a few times before clicking on the submit, send, post buttons? Things, that we do on a daily basis that are so common in this world, and things that we on social media platforms do not need to know about. Too much information is being transmitted through the world in an instant and some that should not even be. Once you post something, even for a few seconds and delete it, It is on the internet forever, and it very hard to delete it, because the internet has cached files and once you go on any search engine, it is very easy to see what you post. I have seen a lot of things on social media and it has become a very concerning thing.

I know we are free to post what we want, but some things should be kept private and even very personal matters in one’s life should not be shared to the world, especially when it comes to family life. I know although it is good to post to educate others on situations and everything and if you are going to post something, generalize on a topic, issue or subject, do not make it personal about you and your loved ones.

Here are examples of common things that we do that should not be shared for the billions of people around the world to see:

*****— I just went to the washroom — I just took a shower — I am now going out for a walk — I did laundry — I just cleaned the house — I did some gardening outside — I just changed the oil on my car — I took my car for a car wash — I am going out to eat with friends – *****

Those are the things I am talking about. Not just writing things online, but also photos and videos that are necessary. Nothing is kept private anymore unfortunately, but things should. I know you want to document everything in your life, you want to do everything to look back to those memories and enjoy it, but there comes times where you need to leave all technology behind and just focus on the moment and the memories to make, so you can replay them in your mind. Sometimes with technology we miss things happening in our lives with screens constantly in our faces.

There is more to life, than to post every aspect of it for the world to see on social media. Yes I am guilty of posting and doing things like that myself, but I know my limit and I am always within it. Always take responsibility, be responsible, and be smart.

Yes, there are great and positive ways to use social media and it is all in the way you use it. Always ask, do research and think before you post. Is it thoughtful, helpful, inspiring, nice and kind? Always THINK – BEFORE – YOU – POST
Enjoy your social media journey, but limit yourself, and do good things with it.

7 thoughts on “Have We Become An Over-sharing Society on Social Media?

  1. Hahahahahahahhahahha you are absolutely correct and right, I noticed and thought of the same thing long ago, that’s why I limited my posts to only fun stuff and informative loool

  2. I would add religion and politics to your list. Both are just as personal and I personally could care less what someone elses affiliation is. I have found over the years as I mature…your faith is something you carry in your heart, and that love emulates from the very essence of your soul. With politics, most are just talking heads, it provides them with a job or a release of their opinion, which hasn’t done much good over the past six years I must add….and those that live it and breathe it I consider to be apart of the ‘clown chain’…..all the way to the top. I am certain you have heard the saying…..opinions are like — —–, everyone has one? Therefor I read, listen and form my own opinions, I don’t need to have someone tell me something, and lastly….when they come around to knock on my door with vacant smiles….it is for money and to join their clan. I simply no longer answer, because they wouldn’t want to hear what I have to say and too….it would spoil my essence! 😉

  3. I agree, sometimes people post about the most absurd things that are just too personal & should be kept confidential.

    The ones that really kill me are around Valentine`s Day & people post about their hotel/motel & pictures of their bed… TMI !

  4. I think users evolve. If you’re new, you’re most likely to overshare or likely to post something that mature posters would dislike I don’t want to limit a newbie’s experience by giving him or her a list of do’s and don’ts in a supposedly “free” medium. I guess a guided form of discovery is recommended for all. However, I do think that people should draw the line at sharing poorly researched information, that’s pseudoscience for some. I mean, with the internet, more wackos get to connect with more crazies. Soon enough, you’ll see a network of “manipulated” people amplifying whatever. I mean, carelessly sharing information from a fake is something people should try hard to avoid. Idk if I said that correctly.


  5. I would have to agree…the information we put out there is becoming a bit much. I appreciate this post and will let it inspire my next post!!

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