Stop the Glendale Life Show – Stereotyping Armenians in Negative Ways

This past week I discovered a very inappropriate show called “The Glendale Life”, and it misrepresents, and stereotypes Armenians who live in Glendale with the women getting plastic surgery, going to night clubs, dressing in very inappropriate clothing, who sit and lounge around the swimming pool, who go shopping and go on a spending spree, with make up, hair fashions, cheating, and the whole 9 yards among with setting a negative example showing the world of complete and irrelevant ways of how Californian Armenians live. This is how the world has become unfortunately with these terrible shows and mostly reality shows and how it is setting a bad example for all, and especially if kids end up watching the show, they will learn how to behave that way and think its okay to go around being that way. We need to stop the Glendale Life show from airing and we need to act quickly. more from these sources and more in depth details about this issue in the following links below.

This is a petition to stop it

Join the Facebook Page -Stop Glendale Life Show

Critics Slam the Glendale Life Show

6 thoughts on “Stop the Glendale Life Show – Stereotyping Armenians in Negative Ways

  1. On top of the stereotypes, it creates lables. Both of these together, labeles, and stereotypes are very difficult to overcome, and the most disgusting part is that these are self-imposed labeles. Thank you for writing this piece.

  2. I wish you all the best in your endeavor. Many of the reality TV shows are nonsense so I do not watch them. Do not allow them to define who you are. You are the best person who can exemplify you. May God bless you and thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi, I started heading for your page to thank you for following my POETRY on WordPress. Obviously the first thing I bumped into was your petition against the show Glendale life. Being born of a father was pure Armenian I of course went to sign it, only to get a message saying the petition had been canceled. I have always hated the mockery of others masquerading in the guise of comedy. Never before has one struck quite so close to home. My first thought was oh my God the Khardassians shamed our entire race.
    It never occurred to me being the kind of person iamb that anybody would take her as an example of Armenian people. In any case I do thank you for reading my work, and I will be interested in supporting any efforts you are making to oppose the blatant misrepresentation and mockery of our people.


    Alexander Anlyan

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