How to Pack Your Checked Baggage For Air Travel

We all or some of us know that packing your baggage can be a strenuous task and can sometimes get frustrating on what to pack, how to pack and to make sure everything always stays in tact with smart ways of packing your belongings, especially the things that are fragile and breakable. You do not want to land and claim your checked baggage, to hear broken glass or something from inside your luggage or find a bad surprise when you open it. That is the last thing anybody wants. It all depends on the way you pack, sort and organize yourself. Here are some tips to a stress free packing, and having fun doing it.

Due to recent events with Air Canada’s Baggage Handlers who tossed peoples belongings 20 feet from the ground, having them slam into the bins, you will be thanking me, here is why you need to pack neatly and be organized doing so, so that your belongings get somewhere safely.

— Before packing, make a list of toiletries, articles of clothing, shoes and under garments.

— Because of the liquids ban on flights that exceed 100ml, Pack breakables like cologne, perfume or other shampoo bottles in snug cosmetic bags, plastic bags, and then pack them in between layers of clothing and in the middle section of your bag with clothes on the bottom and clothes on top…. Don’t ever pack breakables on top or the bottom of your baggage. Middle is always best.

— always make sure your bottle caps for shampoos and stuff are always snug and closed properly and packed firmly.

— Never buy solid hard top Baggage as that can be annoying to pack…. Always use the fabric kind. I am not a huge fan of those solid hard top ones. Never buy expensive baggage either that will cost Arm and a leg. buy inexpensive, but not such poor quality. Something in the middle.

— Never pack medication, camera’s, in your checked baggage…

— Only pack the necessities that you need.

— make sure weight limits, requirements are researched, and checked out of your Airline Carrier. Also how many bags you are allowed to carry.

— check your destination for baggage fees. This applies to US Flights in and out of US or going to the US…

— Make sure the dimensions of your checked baggage also meet requirements of your Air Carrier. Some huge, over sized baggage can be charged a fee, and sometimes will not be permitted on certain flights. Do your research.

— Do not ever let anybody else pack your bags. Do it yourself, so that you know what you pack and never leave it unattended, lock your checked baggage before leaving home to the Airport. Keep your eyes on it at all times until it goes to the conveyor belt to the Aircraft.

— You are responsible for what you pack. make sure that it meets the rules and regulations, and laws.

— Be smart of the contents you pack, and if you pack food, you must declare it and tell them. Even if they are snacks. if you Lie and they find out, you can be further questioned and not even be permitted to board your flight. Depending on the situation.

— Fly smart, pack smart, and be aware/alert of your belongings

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