5 thoughts on “Are you a Sentimental Traveler?

  1. Wow you really are the epitome of a sentimental traveller. I guess I am in some ways. I love having memorabilia of where we have been, but not to the extent that you were describing. This is possibly because we don’t have a lot of room to store anything so Hubby would consider it hoarding – which he kind of accuses me of anyway 🙂
    I got quite upset the other day when a stone lovers carving we had bought on our honeymoon fell onto the tiles and smashed. I think I am more sentimental because we rarely get time/holidays together. We have been together 7 years and the longest we have been away was our 2 week honeymoon which was 2.5 years ago now 🙂 other than that we have had the odd long weekend away… maybe three times over the 7 years. So I think that is a big contributing factor to my sentimentality 🙂

  2. I’ll keep plane tickets and any tickets to museums or shows, but I don’t go quite so far as to keep shampoo bottles and such. I kept a lot of rail tickets and my Oyster card from my trip to England several months ago too. (kind of a pity since the Oyster card has the equivalent of $20-25 USD still on it… but oh well)

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