John Travolta’s Name Mishap at The Oscars 2014 – People Make Mistakes

Today, I am going to be ranting about something that has been disturbing me and its become a big bother for me, and at the Oscars 2014 when John Travolta appeared on stage to present a performer, something happened that made headlines in the news among many memes, and so many things that people came up with, even an app on the computer that says “Travoltify your name” or Travoltarize your name or something in less 12 hours after the Oscars. I just thought that its something that should not have been created. Even though it is fun, but it really isn’t. It really isn’t funny at all.

I am sure we make mistakes with pronouncing peoples names or mispronouncing a word or something, and I just think people went too far with John Travolta’s mishap on the Oscars 2014 while Presenting and introducing a singer to sing Let it go from the Movie Frozen. When you are being watched by millions of people throughout the world and on a major night in Hollywood like that, and I know that John Travolta has done many speeches, presenting and being in the public eye. Sometimes people do get so caught up in the moment that they have all that pressure.

It doesn’t matter how many years you have been in the entertainment industry, sometimes mistakes happen, were human, sometimes were going to make mistakes pronouncing names or words or something. I know he said Adele Dazeem, when it is Idina Menzel, but I think its enough making fun of him and making jokes. There is a limit to everything, and that limit has been crossed. His mind may have been elsewhere or something going on that day with him or something. This has been in the spotlight, in newspapers, on the internet, social media, and so many other places, even on billboards now or signs people have made.

A lot of people have too much time on their hands to do these things, and I think some people need to utilize their time to do something worth while, positive, good, and influential. Okay the Oscars Selfie is okay to make memes and stuff, but it depends on what you are doing a meme on, but not something about a persons Mistake like “Adele Dazeem”…

People take things way out of context. I like John Travolta a lot and he should not be criticized for that, but unfortunately there will always be people who will criticize and make fun. Not very cool. This is a form of Bullying somebody and its not right at all. Some people may have speech impediments, some may have problems with pronouncing things. Its not good to make fun of others. People sometimes do not think about what they do or say before they do it, and people may face consequences in the long run.Ā  John Travolta is a person too and he should not be treated any differently than anybody else.Ā  That is it for my ranting.


6 thoughts on “John Travolta’s Name Mishap at The Oscars 2014 – People Make Mistakes

  1. Hi Talin,
    As a storyteller, I have to perform in public and if I were to make a mistake, I wouldn’t appreciate people latching on to it and making fun of it. It’s a risk you take when you perform in public, and especially when you become a high profile celebrity, but I agree that some people have too much time on their hands and they’ve certainly blown it out of proportion.

  2. good point, we’re all human, but we do enjoy the mishaps of others, my wife always laughs when I stub my toe (apparently level floors confuse me), regardless entertainers have thick skins, and Travolta very much so, but in a general sense I agree we need to be more understanding in our relationships.
    We have high standards for entertainers, we expect them to rehearse and know the words to the songs, and make the shows seamless, and perfect. I don’t think Travolta rehearsed his 20 seconds and it showed, him and every other introducer next year will make sure they rehearse, and that’s not so bad.

  3. I guess it’s a good thing I never watch the Oscars or any award program. John Travolta made a mistake… big deal. He’s human like the rest of us and people should leave him alone.

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