Edgar Martirosyan – The Famous Oscars Pizza Guy – An Armenian

On March 2nd, 2014, A Whole new twist and something that has not been done before in Oscars Academy Awards History was done this year. Ellen DeGeneres had Ordered Pizza a couple of days before the Biggest event in Hollywood, telling The Pizza Guy from the Big Mamas & The Papa’s Pizza Place to be there between 4 & 5 or something, and Edgar Martirosyan followed Ellen DeGeneres the Host of The Oscars 2014, to the stage, and Shocked Edgar, did not realize or know that he was on the stage of the biggest event of the night which was viewed by over 43 Million people on television. He said, he was not expecting that.

Edgar then got instantly famous with giving out pizzas to Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie, and many others. Then Ellen passed around Pharrell Williams Hat, and the stars compiled up to 600 dollars in Tips, then when Edgar the Armenian Pizza Delivery Guy was invited to go to Ellen DeGeneres Show the next day where she evened out his Tip totaling to 1000 dollars. Then later Edgar appeared on Piers Morgan’s show, and made headlines everywhere.

Edgar then said in an interview that he always loved Julia Roberts since hes watched her movies, and giving her a Pizza was a great feeling and he was in complete surprise.

I automatically thought that he was Armenian, because he has this Armenian Look about him. As I was sitting down and watching the Awards show with my family, I knew and told them, that He is Armenian and then mere hours later on the news outlets, and the internet, It was indeed true and did find out he was Armenian. Like me. So I should say I am so excited and happy for my Fellow Armenian for having this amazing opportunity to deliver Pizza to the Oscars. Lucky him. I wish Edgar and his business that he owns with His Brother a great success and I wish him all the best. When I visit California again, I will definitely go to Big Mama’s and Papa’s pizza 🙂

Article from IanYan Mag


Big Mamas Papa’s Pizza


LA Times



8 thoughts on “Edgar Martirosyan – The Famous Oscars Pizza Guy – An Armenian

  1. Your post was super!! It was a fantastic show and the stars were only so generous to throw so much money into the hat. They really appreciated the pizza….I think they were sort of hungry! So nice that you saw a man apart of your own heritage, things of this nature make us feel so proud. I hope when you get to Calif., and enjoy his pizza place, you get an opportunity to shake his hand!

  2. YES, we as ARMENIAS are a nation of talented people in all fields. We should be proud of our heritage and show the world how talented we are in all fields. right now i feel proud to be an ARMENIAN and also a bit envious that he got too see all the people i dream about .

  3. Hello Talin. I feel the need to give you advice as a writer. You should work on your grammar. Your sentences are run on sentences, and you’re capitalizing random things. That first paragraph has the longest sentence ever in it, it practically takes over the entire thing. Why did you capitalize “Ordered Pizza”? Makes no sense. You should know these things if you want success in this field. And as a writer, these things should bother you when you see them in other people’s work. I don’t know why your fellow blogger friends haven’t pointed this out to you before, I find that rude. Not anyone can be a writer but anyone can learn how to properly write. Being able to take criticism and learn from it is also a crucial part of the creative process.

    One love.

  4. PS, my message was not a dig at your life or your personality. (Or negative in anyway for that matter). I’m sure you’re a pleasant person. Most people are. I was not advising you on how to live your life, and I don’t think I’m “above you” in any way, it was just an observation about your improper grammar/punctuation. This is called “constructive criticism” and it is meant to help you out in your writing. If you go back and read your post again, perhaps you will see what I mean.

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