Why Do Good Soft Hearted People Always Get Knocked Down?

Recently, in life there have been some unpleasant things going on in general that I am not liking whatsoever. For example, when you are so great with what you do, and who you are as a person in your job like, and when so many people who are fans and supporters of that actor/actress on a TV show or Soap Opera, people high up always tend to ruin a good thing and they do not even realize that many fans and supporters hearts will be broken from a good hearted and soft hearted person getting let go from the excellent work that they do. It really is terrible knowing that you are just a number and can be replaced like your nothing when your time is up or not. They need to realize that, messing with fans emotions and feelings and taking fans for a ride is not a laughing and joking matter. It is quite serious and that is losing and betraying the trust of all of us who are/were supporters. These people controlling and making decisions seem like they do not even care. Its very sad and disgusting.

Its like ordinary people in daily general life. In the world people take advantage of you, and do not even care about you and your feelings and the outcome of it all, because they know that they can keep asking you, and counting on you to do things and you never say no and they know that they can get anything from that person, they know they can run and walk all over you because they know how to get things done, and they do not care who gets hurt from it all.

Its something that I cannot make sense of at all and I just need to ask why Good and Soft-Hearted people are often the ones who get knocked down, get mistreated and shafted when not needed anymore? It is so unfair, life is so unfair, especially to the good people, Easily being replaced or looking for another person to do the same thing to. I just cannot understand it at all, and I am trying to look for answers, that I cannot even look for.

In this life, sometimes being a soft-hearted, good hearted, person does not work in some cases. Learning to speak up,  being tough, putting your foot down, standing up for yourself and your rights and saying no once in a while does not  hurt, it just puts others to the ultimate test to see if they are real and good friends to you and to see if those people are walking all over you. Sometimes there are people who take others for a ride all if not most of the time and the Soft and Good hearted person does not see it and will do anything and everything for other people, but when it comes to that individual, and when you ask the same from others its always a struggle to get things in return. I know some do things all the time from people without asking anything in return, but its nice to be acknowledged once in a while and having others do nice things for you.

Some realize that what they are doing is wrong, and they still do it because they do not even have an ounce of decency in them and they do not care who they hurt in the process, unfortunately they always run to the good and soft people because they know that they can play with that persons heart, and emotions. It is sickening. I am just so frustrated because I have been there, I have been through so much with always saying yes, I have been naive, I have been blinded by being used, with people always putting me to the side when not needed anymore, and a lot of fake people are around and this society has become that. Fake people hurt others like crazy, and It puts a scar in your life, because no matter what you do, its like Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t. Now, from your perspective, what do you think of this? What do you do when this issue arises?

In the meantime, Do not worry, keep up being great, soft-hearted people in this world, they are great traits, keep it up, As for those fake people, and those who take others for a ride, someday, I hope that they will realize and sit down and think long and hard and say what I am doing is wrong, and I should stop it, apologize to people and make better choices in society with socializing with others. It will make the world a better, friendlier and nicer place. I hope that I will see that day.

Have you learned to be more tough in this life? How have you handled it? Would like to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “Why Do Good Soft Hearted People Always Get Knocked Down?

  1. What you discuss is such a difficult thing. How does a person keep their good heart without continually being taken advantage of? I think with work related issues, a person simply has to have a thicker skin to a degree but also learn to not be a pushover. Set limits and learn to say no when appropriate. I think that can work pretty well with personal relationships too. Saying “no” to some people will eventually drive them away because they just don’t want to deal with a person with a spine. That in the end saves the soft-hearted person. It’s hard to do but worth it.

  2. what you are saying is not new it has been happening for centuries and will continue no matter what you do or say, the ones that are honest have values and integrity has dwindled and what we have is a society of takers. I have had everything that you say happen to me and then some but what we have to accept is that there will always be those type of people who like to hurt and use others for their advantage. Its sad but its true, i was married for over 25 years and all of a sudden i am not.. boom…From that experience i have learnt that you have to be more aware of people .. it seems i did not know my other half as i thought .. they say i have changed.. how can you change .. did your oath that you took in church mean nothing,.. do you not believe in GOD anymore… or has your values in life changed that you have no integrity, honesty changed .. no i don’t believe that its that people now are selfish and want a life to be carefree.. they have no concept of how they hurt others in the process.. including their children and others .. anyway saying all this i sum it up as do what you believe is right and let your conscience guide you .. because in the end the truth prevails.

  3. for me i think we all have the spirit of goodness and evil in us all.But the issue is about the choices we make. The takers thinking they want the best always step on toes.U may call it INTENTIONS what we hope to achieve and the out come are different due to so many factors. we as individuals have to do our best always and know LIFE won’t be as we always expect it. Therefore have a big heart to accept it out come in good faith.

  4. Great article… as someone who had to get out of that mentality, I can shed some insight into this. Yes, as alluded to earlier, it’s been this way since the beginning. I will say this though- the good people who find themselves on the business end of people doing dirt should rest assured that the same God who allows the rain to fall on the good and the bad alike will never forsake them. As stated earlier, I grew up in an environment that was like that, heavy laden with takers, manipulators and people who lived to destroy others. I broke free of all their devices with God’s help. Without Him I would have stayed stuck in that rut I was in. In elementary school, high school and even in college and beyond, I have put up with and endured this type of thing. My younger brother is the exact opposite of me (a guy who takes no responsibility for his actions, believes the world is in love with him). Look at where it got him- a drug problem, alcoholism, child support and all that. I have learned in my 37 years that if you trust in God, keep busy doing your work, and never give up- you will succeed and have victory in life.
    The first step is to let go of the pain, rejection and the hurt. I am not ashamed to talk about myself. I was a weak young kid who was eaten alive by my environment. I carried a lot of anger, rage and hurt. I almost ended my life several times because of it. I am not looking for your pity (cause I won’t get it, this is the internet folks), I am telling you a story. Time came and went. The pain lessened. I got involved in new things, went in different directions.
    The second step is to use what I call self-talk. People look at someone weird when they talk to themselves. It’s dumb to even consider the thoughts of others when you are using this technique. You believe more of what YOU say than what others say. It is tough to live life and not get depressed from time to time. People do take advantage of the good people, while praising the bad and wanting to emulate the bad. What does that say about society as a whole? That morals, substance and living a responsible life is passe’? That it is a fallacy in 2014 to be anything other than the smut, the garbage the nonsense that Hollywood and the rest of the media puts out? That being tenderhearted is for wimps, SIMPs and sissies? I say, and I can only speak for me- the good people who get walked on are part of the reason this world hasn’t delved into the chaos that is seemingly imminent. Without the good people, you have a society, a world full of leeches, takers and celebrity worshippers.
    In closing, I will say this: I sincerely hope all who read the article and my response to it take some kind of initiative to improve your life if the article applies to you. This is just my take on it all, having experienced it. Life always evens it out. Most people call it “karma”. What goes around, comes around. Any of you ever see what happens to your HS classmates, what became of them? Like if you see them on social media (esp facebook)- the ones who were takers, rude, hostile, mean… they have a life full of what they put out. I can attest to seeing that play out in several of my ex-classmates’ lives… recently an ex-classmate who was a known drug dealer- the guy was proud of being a cancer to his city. Would brag about him “being real”, his cars, clothes, his job (he also had a regular job), etc… what happened to the guy? He got gunned down in the streets over the holidays. Shot down like a dog. Then all his friends run to his defense, talking the standard ‘don’t judge lest you be judged” stuff. If they were real friends, they never would have revelled in the man’s lifestyle choices, celebrating his known criminality.
    I leave you with this: never give up. Life is not fair. The good people need to know this. Life is nothing more than a fight. A long, drawn out, battle of attrition. God ain’t playing. Neither is the devil. So why should any of you be playing around with life?

  5. Good subject. It seems us soft hearted guys get riduculed for being good guys. Especially with the ladies. They want me to go to a bar or club and kick butt. Lol im a christian so that aint happening. Ive been told that i should be like my brother. Dude’s in jail but hey i guess the world would be better off if i was too.

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