The Young and The Restless – Fans Are Not Pleased

Since over 20 years ago, I began to watch The Young and The Restless, and many actors and actresses have come and gone throughout the years, but recently in the past 2 years or so, many changes have been happening and many of the actors and actresses are being let go. As if the loss of Jeanne Cooper who played the iconic star Katherine Chancellor who passed away in real life in May, 2013, wasn’t grief enough for us all, which the show will never ever be the same without the patriarch of the show. Things changed drastically since then and I do not know how much more of these changes us Fans can handle anymore.

Now, Michael Muhney who plays Adam Newman on the show. Victor Newman’s son, he has been let go from the production, as well as Billy Miller who plays Billy Abbott on the show. It is not fair for us fans all to have characters that we have grown to love spend our 1 hour with Monday to Friday’s, being changed around. Us fans are not pleased with all these changes. These producers, executives do not realize that the Fans are the bread and butter of shows, that we are the reason why they have ratings, were the reason why they are number one for the past 25 years. These recent changes can break that streak. Now there will be a boycott going around to not watch the show on January 31st, the day after Michael Muhney (Adam Newman)’s last air date which will be January 30th. Also David Tom is going to Replace Billy Miller as Billy Abbott, but Billy Miller has done an incredible job.

We fans deserve the last say, were the ones who have the most right among anything else. I know that the actors and actresses on the show care, adore and love their fans, but its the people who are high up that mess everything else up, hiring people who cannot do the job right with terrible writing and story lines now have become so boring and making fans angry. I am not trying to brag or boast about myself, but I feel that I should go to the rescue and save this show and do all the writing myself for Y&R. They would save themselves a lot of hassle, and they will save themselves many fans, that they can lose if they do not smarten up about the casting. These executives do not know how much they are playing with Fans emotions and feelings. This is not a joke to us. Games should not be played when it comes to fans. We want to be with our TV Family for years to come, but if this is going to continue none of us will watch anymore

Fans spend so much of their time on message boards, forums, Facebook pages and groups, they spend an hour a day of their busy lives tuning into Y&R, some PVR and record the show, so they can watch it the minute they get home from work or other responsibilities, just so they can tune in and not miss an episode, Fans spend so much of their time writing and interacting with other fans, but I am grateful for that because I met so many incredible and beautiful people who share the same interest as I do, but CBS and The Young and The Restless owe us a lot. and we deserve happiness too, and our voice should be putting up the volume on the show. Letting go of key characters whom have been the reason for the ratings to skyrocket for the past 25 years is not right at all. This is not a joke to fans, some fans have dedicated their lives to this show. Some people a lot of money to go see their favorite actors and actresses at conferences, events, breakfast, lunch or dinner gatherings, at shows and so much more. Fans even spent their week with them on a Cruise Ship too.

The executives need to think twice about what they do to the show and to their fans. I really hope they make wise decisions or else they can lose a lot of viewership. Fans can be doing other things with their busy schedules and responsibilities but no, they choose to watch Soaps. They better think long and hard. That is all for now.

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  2. Very, very, VERY UPSET Michael has been fired. I’ve watched Y&R since day 1 and will walk if Michael goes. Michael is an outstanding actor and no one, NO ONE can replace Michael. Also, very upset Billy Miller leaving.. What are you people thinking? Obviously you don’t care about the fans.

    • Bring him back Y and R. You are nothing without your fans. He is irreplaceable
      . Been watching since 1977. Never have I been so upset about losing an actor. He makes the show. No one can replace him.

    • Ive been watching since 1975 and when adam leaves im done too, I dont want to spend my one hr a day I have to sit dow n to watch this show without all these great actors leaving.tyrone and abby are so borring I cant stand watching these stupid boring storylines, yo should of kept the old abby too, she was so funny and silly bubbly, played the part so well. And miss gloria and her sidekick , threy were a hoot!,

    • I am extremely upset that Michael Muhney has been fired! No other actor will be anywhere close to being as perfect to play this character as Michael is!!!! Michelle Stafford leaving was horrible but now Billy Miller and Michael Muhney leaving is just too much!!!! I have watched this show for over 20 years and it saddens me to think Y&R might not be around much longer but with the amazing actors/actresses being let go and the stale, uninteresting storylines we are having to endure, I’m not sure it will survive much longer. KEEP MICHAEL MUHNEY AS ADAM NEWMAN!!!!

    • Everything on a TV show is not about the viewers. Fans have to think logically. Why would the network execs fire a very popular actor whose character no doubt drives ratings? The answer there must be a reason regarding his behavior on set.
      It’s not logical to believe that the brass would just fire Muhney for no reason. The network is all about making money and they cant do that if the ratings fall. Why would they do anything to undercut their bottom line? The only logical answer if that MM did something to warrant his termination. Fans get so caught up in an actor’s character and his public image, but what you all forget is that none of us knows Michael Muhney. All we know about him or any other entertainer is what they show us on screen and in public appearance. But none of that is who they are. We dont know who they are. And despite the fact that as fans we want to believe that they are good people we dont know.
      Both Doug Davidson and Melody Thomas ( who play Paul and Nikki) have said that Michael is to blame for his termination. I see them as honest people with no reason to lie on MM. They are both vets who have nothing to gain from implicating him in anything. Melody even said that any actor would have been fired under these circumstances. And unlike us, these actors work with MM every day. They should have a much better idea of who this man is and what he is capable of than us.

      • I don’t think personal feeling should decide who goes and who stays, I believe the older actors are jealous of MM’s talent and feel like they don’t get enough air time so why not get the one who is getting all the news and fans comments out of the picture……..they need to retire…..Victor, Nikki and Paul are soooo boring and they seem to say the same lines over and over probably because they cannot memorize anymore……get the big bucks outta there…..make room for talent……

      • dg: You’re right, none of us know what really happened. But, you have to know Jill Farren Phelp’s history, too. She is famous for firing people…..if she doesn’t like you, you’re gone. She’s well known for that. Listen to Tommy Lightfoot Garrett’s radio show.

        Anyway, where is the information about Doug Davidson and Melody Thomas and what they had to say? Someone else made reference to that and I didn’t know where to find it.

      • dg, you put your foot in your mouth again. Listen to this idiotic statement:”All we know about him or any other entertainer is what they show us on the screen”. Of course,dummy, that is all we are interested in. We are watching a SHOW and we definitely don’t care what their private lives are, whether they are “good people”,married or single, black or white. . If they give a good performance that is what makes a show memorable. We are not going to marry them or vote them for canonization!! Give me a break! I can just puke listening to these idiotic statements.
        What do YOU know about Doug Davidson or Melody ?? They can be plain jealous, for all I know. Melody has not had a story line worth talking about, and Doug’s ranting way of talking just puts me off. Well, they can be happy now, although we won’t be there to watch .
        If something happened , you try to deflate the situation, give warnings or chances . You don’t fire the best actor in the show. The person who should be fired is Jill Farren Whatever!

      • How right you are…since you know Melody & Doug right!!!!! Now you just totally some over your own words ” none of us knows these characters ” well do you or don’t you know any of them? I said on another post that if there were only the two of them around when the ( supposed incident) took place that they are the only two that really know what happened!! So handle it fairly, he deserves a warning, maybe even a written warning, because just taking her word for it isn’t right because she is young and (maybe innocent) maybe not. If you aren’t willing to do that then they should both be let go. Like having two puppies in a room and when you come back in the room there is a puddle on the ground, you didn’t see it happen…. which puppy did it???? you either punish them both or give them a warning and keep a closer eye on them. So stop contradicting yourself you don’t know these people either. Lets be fair here. And this new woman that is in there seems like she is trying to kill the show! To many good people have gone or are going.

    • I for one am a long time fan of Y&R and I will fully support the boycott of Y&R and all CBS shows until Michael Muhney returns to his role as Adam Newman! This boycott will continue thru February sweeps and until Y&R and CBS do the right thing and give the fans the respect we deserve! Hear our voices! WE the fans made Y&R the #1 daytime drama for the last 25yrs and now we are prepared to take that title away! Please bring back Michael Muhney! Do the right thing for the fans and the ratings just like A&E did.

    • I have been watching Y&R for about ten years now and I am really disappointed with all the changes that have taken place recently. Phyllis needs to come back. getting rid of Adam and Billy is a big mistake. No other actors will play their parts as well as they do. The new Abby is downright boring! They need to bring back the old one.

  3. Michael being fired is very upsetting to me as a long time viewer. I have not watched since he announced he was leaving and will not watch until he returns. There should be some sort of compromise to bring him back. One more thing when Michael was put on the back burner last month so other stars could come front and center I began to wonder why mow I know. His leaving was in the making. Now we have to watch boring SL that we don’t care about. Shame on you Y&R.

    • MM’s last day on air will be my last day watching! JPP is useless and all other story lines are so boring!!!!!!!!!!! that I won’t have any trouble giving this show up after all these years!

      • So true Gayle! We all say boycott, well I hope everyone sticks to their word and prove to the producers how serious we the fans actually are!! It will be very easy to quit watching since there is nothing of interest on the show without Michael!!!

  4. There is a rumor going around that Adam Newman is being killed off so as not to have to recast the character….. I could have continued watching after Billy Millers departure because he chose to leave. Michael Muhney has been out and out fired. That, along side of the horrific storylines, new character, recast characters, new actors, loss of incredible talent (Emme Ryland) is the last nail straw. After 20+ years, I will be done Jan. 30th.

  5. It’s become the yawn and restless and the only characters Michelle Stafford Michael Muhney and Billy Miller were the cream of the crop! Boo I say to 40 yrs of watching and I promise when Michael Muhney departs, a plethora of fans will too! Yawn

  6. It is sad that this will probably ruin the show, as everyone seems to love the actors more than the character and show themselves. If the show gets cancelled because Adam is fired, this means everyone else will need to find a new job as well. It is sad and it sucks and MM needs to be Adam, as well as Billy M. I know Michelle Stafford quit and was not fired but thatg sucks way to much as well.

    AND ADAM better not be reacasted. Man, this is my third soap opera and by far my favorite. I am sick of switching shows just to get my heart broken again!! It is like.. what is even the point.

  7. I have had it with the Y & R writers. You never write anything good and now you have fired Michael Muhney & Billy Miller. I have stopped watching the show since I found out. Not to mention making Adam the killer of Delia. Why did it have to be Adam? I questioned why you had to kill off Chloe’s only daughter anyway. But when you fired MM that was the last straw. Until you bring him back I am done!

  8. I have been watching the show for over twenty years,i live in Australia,we lost Days of our lives,then we lost Y&R so i have to pay to watch it now,that is the only reason i have foxtel on,to watch Y&R.In Aussie we are months behind you,but i always read the comments that fans write on fb and so forth keeps me excited on knowing what is coming up,but lately it has all been bad news and story lines,dont know whats going on with the show,but hearing now that the character Adam is leaving!WELL he is my favourite actor,he plays his part so well,his charm his charisma ,his bad side his sneaky side ,his loving side,he is the show,there will be no show without him thats all i have to say ,bad mistake guys you dont sack the bread winner….

  9. The weaker talent definitely needs replacing, however, Billy Miller and Michael Muhney are NOT in that catagory!!! I don’t think “Adam” killed Delia-KELLY did! Her name was on the DMV list in Victor’s office! Regardless, the storylines of Neil and Leslie, Avery and Dylan, Billy and Victoria, and especially Noah and Courtney are so very weak! Love the guys, but the gals need lots of coaching! FEN needs to go, NOT MM, or Billy Miller! Yes, I’m aggravated with the writing: bring back the REAL YnR writers who KNEW how to make these characters pop!
    Signed, future former fan!!!!

    • Oh i am glad I read this… i didn’t see Kelly’s name on the list….THAT would be a kick ass story line….BUT not if MM is gone I love him and his relationship with the baby and Chelsea… i will hate not seeing that play out but Billy is gone too so why would that story line matter!

  10. Loyal Y&R/CBS FANS DESERVE THE SAME LOYALTY. We have watched this show, day in and day out for many years. The upheaval lately has been too many. Billy Miller did not have to leave, they chose to let him leave by not working with his schedule. Now, they decide to fire Michael Muhney who has made Adam his own, the week before Christmas. Stop the madness Y&R, bring back Michael Muhney and stop all the changes. Thank you.

  11. To say that fans are unhappy is a huge understatement…fans are actively lobbying CBS and Sony by Twitter, email. Phone calls and postings on several Facebook pages devoted to support for rehiring Michael Muhney, the best actor on all of daytime television. Fans will definitely boycott the show and advertisers in support of Muhney.

  12. Bring MM back. He’s the only reason I watch. You are killing your ratings. He is the star of the show, sorry. The other storylines are boring. And no one can replace MM. He has such passion and charisma and keeps fans like me glued to our tv sets.

  13. i am very upset at where things are heading for y&r.we have lost some great talent and the firing of michael who plays adam newman is the last straw.i am very worried about what happends from here for our soupie.unfer jill farren phelps who is know as the soapie killer this show has declined.the firing of much admired michael muhney shows that jfp has lost touch with the shows core viewers and this decision is described as totally un called for and are outraged and demand jfp is the one that should be fired.she has made unbelievable decusions regarding the show and because of this y&r is sinking.jfp must go and must go NOW!!!

    • I do not like the way the writers are going with the young and the restless.after reading about Michael muhney firing ,I have decided not to watch the show unless Michael is rehired.This show needs his talent and without Michael the shows rating will go down..Rehire Michael Muhney

  14. I just don’t understand why they want to lose faithful viewers. Who is making these decisions that is going to cost the show the number one spot? Just sad. I’m done January 31 .

  15. I too have stopped watching Y and R the day after I heard that Michael had been fired. I know that there has been speculation and rumours about why he was let go but the bottom line is that the fans have grown to love him and his excellent portrayal and whatever has happened behind the scenes is of no concern to fans. We want him back. This imo, could very well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I can’t see the show surviving with all the negative stories and cast changes. the sad part is also that the other actors may very well be having to look for jobs elsewhere. Please CBS, listen to your viewers and fix this NOW!

  16. I have been watching Y&R for over 30 years and have been disgusted by the recent story lines. I am especially upset over the firing of Michael. Why cant the powers that be at cbs see that they are letting their fan base slip away. BRING BACK MICHAEL!

  17. Bring back Muhney!!!! There is no other Adam! Then execs and producers need to get over themselves! There is no show without fans, give us what we want! MUHNEY!!!

  18. Had sad that there has to be such an uproar because we the loyal fans of Y&R for days, weeks, mos, years , decades…..are being ignored and disrespected. We now have the Hatchet Queen in charge and in the interim we have lost Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, Josh Griffin and now the FIRING of Michael Muhney. No, sorry ,we will no longer sit in front of the TV set to watch Y&R or any other CBS program. We want Michael reinstated yesterday and a change of the “suits/skirts” effective immediately. We will no longer be watching your programs or supporting your sponsors. If Michael is not reinstated immediately than it will be your turn to watch!

  19. I’ve watched Y&R for over 30 years. I’ve never been more disappointed in this show. I tolerated Michelle Stafford and Maura West being allowed to go but now Michael Muhney and Billy Miller are out too. Consider this longtime viewer gone too. January 30 is the day I quit. BTW, whoever does the recasts these days is the one who needs to get fired. Awful! Oh and the writers aren’t much better.

    • He is already gone, why are people waiting, we all know what they did, after MTS (nikki’s) comment of us having no lives, well,I guess she believes watching that show means that so why bother, it was meant to entertain the viewers, insulting us isn’t so entertaining to
      me, the storylines are so bad now, can’t watch the Winters’ bunch, Victor growling at everyone, everything else, the poor Delia story, I couldn’t watch anymore of that, Adam’s story was the only one I wanted to watch till now, now they fire him before Christmas, that is too cold. This show is over for me. They don’t care if they lose us anyway. So why wait to stop watching.

      • We wait because of Michael!! He’s not out of there yet!! Y&R is the only tv show I watch religiously, I won’t quit till It’s Michaels last day. He said he’s giving it his all and walking out his last day with his head held high, so we need to be there to watch him. We never know when and where we’ll see him acting again!!! He will be missed!!! Sooo sad, it’s like a family member died!

  20. This show will not be #1 after January 30th! Myself and majority if not all of the fans will tune out. Michael Muhney is an amazingly talented actor, and brings life to Adam. There will be NO ONE that can replace Muhney as Adam. He is “Adam.” As Billy Miller is “Billy.” I wil not be watching after 1/30/14, and will be boycotting CBS and ALL Proctor and Gambler products/sponsors until they bring Michael Muhney back!!!

  21. As always when I read most fan responses I see a lot of misguided emotion and just plain ignorance. None of us have the slightest idea why MM was fired. You blame the network brass and Jill Phelps for Billy Miller leaving. I’m just surprised that CBS isnt being blamed for the death of Jeanne Cooper.
    Soap fans are some of the most ill informed people on the planet yet they constantly shoot their mouths off and judge things they dont know. And ironically after watching for years they cant accept change. It drives me nuts. I have been watching soaps on all 3 networks for over 4 decades now. I started at the age of five and I learned the hard way that TV is a business and change is a part of it. Fans have to grow up and get real. Not every actor is going to devote his or her entire life and career to one show and one role. They have to move on with their lives and if you were a true fan you wouldn’t stand there whining and pouting like a 5 yr old. You would wish the actor good luck and move on.
    I watched Denise Alexander on GH from the age of 7 to 24! But when she quit GH I accepted it and followed her to her next career phase. Billy Miller left YR to pursue prime time. Get over it. Life goes on.
    Michael Muhney is rumored to have been a disruptive force on the set. If all accounts are true the brass had every reason to let him go. No people, fans dont have the final say. Again this is a business venture not some magical mythical place of fantasy. The actors have a say in where they wish to work and the network has a say in whom they will hire. And I’m sorry to burst your bubble but those business transactions dont always jibe with fan wishes. Fans need to develop some maturity, educate themselves and learn to roll with the punches. If you can’t do that turn off the TV set. I am sick of the whining and all the ignorant ire spat all over the web.

    As far as the state of YR critically the show is still in transition and yes it is off track. Maria Bell did a hatched job on it and her arrogance blinded her to her ineptitude. Jill Farren Phelps was a very poor choice to succeed her, but she’s what we have. She was wise to give Josh Griffith the ax because he was a very uninspired and rudimentary writer. His stories were safe, status quo, repetitious and boring. But honestly considering the show’s venerable history and its cast of stellar actors, YR off track is still superior to the other remaining daytime serials.

    Bottom line is there are things the producers and writers can change and things they cannot. I am tired of ignorant fans muddying the waters with their venom without taking the time to learn the truth about what’s going on. You all need to say the serenity prayer and shut your pie wholes until you can speak intelligently and accurately.
    Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference.. Amen. SMH

    • I agree with you that the fans whine and make a lot of noise about things of which they know nothing about. They don’t see the bigger picture. I’ve also watched Y&R for decades and noticed a decline in the quality of the writing. . . . a horrible change for the worse since the days of Bill Bell, Sr. Jill Farren Phelps is destroying this show. She’s not made of the same stuff (integrity) that brought quality and care into the show. She does not like people and does not care what the fans think. She is a statistician and her only concern is the bottom line. She has cheapened the show. It is not the writers’ fault, as she is the one who guides them. They are only writing the dialogue. In some cases change is good. Not here. I’ve done my research and have learned that it is not enough to complain to the ‘powers that be’. The ONLY way to regain our power as fans and to make our voices heard is to collectively STOP watching Y&R and stop settling for mediocre. This will shrink their numbers and force them to make changes. Watching it is no longer my bliss, so I am done after Jan. 30.

      • I started watching General Hospital yesterday, and I liked it very much. No wonder it was called the Best and Y&R the Worst Soap opera.. The drama was amazing. In Y&R it is all about the clothes–.. women are dressed all the time as if they are going to a Ball.which is so unrealistic…Nikki is always in elaborate jewelry high heels and Designer dresses, even when she is sitting on her couch at home or vising the hospital. In GH there is a story line and the actors are all dressed appropriately for the time and place. It is only after I noticed this , that I realized what a sham Y&R is. Sharon is one of the great actors, and they make her into a psychotic arsonist, changing DNA’s etc. Is this all they can come up with?
        There is actually NO meaningful storyline. JPF should resign and admit that she is doing the worst job, ever. Anyway, I’m finished watching after the 30th. (just because I want to see how they are going to send away Adam) and after that… Goodbye,….

        Sayonara…Auf weidersein….Arriverdecci…….

    • I guess we are the ignorant ones for listening to your crap….we’ll see. He who laughs last. laughs best! All I can say if you don’t bring back Michael most of your fans will be gone! Will you be laughing then? Guess you can look at yourself as the ‘ignorant’ one then!

    • DG I think you are the one shooting your mouth off . We are not all ill informed some of us after a hard day like to be intertained with actors and actresses that give quality acting . MMhas done this along with MS and BM .Y&R has repeated story lines so many times it’s like they can’t come up with different ones . I for one was looking for a reason to quit watching after 30 years the last few years have been so boring except for the Adam story line .Im so sick of Victors character I could puke . Niki needs to retire . At least Jill still has a little action with her . Not and ignorant fan !

  22. Please listen to your fans!!! We love Michael Muhney! He makes the show as his role of Adam Newman. I met Michael Muhney a couple of years ago and he loved his part on the show he was dedicated to his fans!!!. He is the ONLY man to play the role of Adam Newman! He has done an exceptional job playing the role. Fans LOVE him and without him there will be NO fans!! Please Please Please bring Michael Muhney back to the show before you lose us all!!!! Michael Muhney needs to be rehired NOW!!!

    • I just can’t get over Dg’s arrogance. She has the audacity to say that this”is a business venture”. Well if it is, the fans are the MOST IMPORTANT part of this business venture. We may not know what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe Michael objected to him being the scapegoat for every bad thing that happens in Genoa city(and rightly so), but it is for the brass to work out the problems, especially when it comes to the best actor in the show. We don’t want to hear what Nikki and Doug Davidson have to say. I am getting tired of her nasal voice and his screaming way of talking anyway. Maybe they are just jealous.
      Yes, people the fans have a big say. Without us there will be no Soap, no ratings. You don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, and that is exactly what they are doing by firing Michael.
      Dg can go to hell with her Serenity prayer. She is just another nincompoop who thinks they know everything but knows nothing. What about “Change the things that I can” ?. That is what we are doing, asking the powers that be to somehow try to work it out with Michael,because
      1. He is the best actor on the show.
      2 .He didn’t ask to leave
      3. There is nothing that cannot be negotiated.
      4. He is loved by the fans.
      How stupid is Dg when she says that she is surprised that CBS is not blamed for Catherine’s death. To use her own Serenity prayer that is one of the “things that cannot be changed”.
      She would be better shutting her mouth, and if she wants to, keep watching the boring Neil clan, and the idiotic dialogue between Nikki and Victor.
      As for me, I have better things to do with that hour of my life. Goodbye, Y&R…..

  23. Please bring back Michael Muhney, he is the only one that can be the one to play Adam, I watched this show from the beginning,but been losing interest in it since these stories are boring,its the same thing over and over again, Michael was the most interesting as Adam. he was good.bad, he showed all types of emotion,he made you hate him, he made you love him and made you feel bad for him,thats a great thing to be able to do. Y&R, fired him,no reason given but whatever it is I wish they would work it out before they lose another fan because I won’t be watching after Jan.31,14 unless he is back. maybe they can work with Billy Miller and get him back too and let him be free for other castings but still be on the show,like they have done for the bold and the beautiful’s please reconsider and get Michael Muhney and Billy Miller back asap. thank you

  24. I’ve been watching YR since I was a child in my home country of Trinidad and Tobago. My three-year-old heard the theme song and Victor Newman’s voice for the first time while in my belly. I hate what has happened to the show. It’s like William Bell’s legacy has eroded. I don’t know what went down of course, but I do know that Michael Muhney made people feel strongly about Adam Newman and the show won’t be the same without him. Its hard to believe he was only in the show for four years. It certainly seemed like longer and that is a testament to the calibre of performances he put in.

  25. Our fb group for the love of .muhney teamed up with savemuhney we have petitions that have over 8000 signatures we have a postcard run among many ings to get our points across to CBS in a positive way this is a positive campaign. Thanks for w writing this wonderful article that goes into the minds of the fans heads it is so on point keep up the good work #savemuhney

  26. I’m done after Jan. 30 show altogether without Adam. He and only a handful of other actors kept me watching after all these morose, depressing, lack luster storylines of late. I refuse to believe the rumors. As I’ve stated on Facebook, Muhney is just too intelligent a man who loves his job and family way too much to risk being involved in harassment. It just doesn’t make any sense. There wouldn’t be an out and out firing unless it was already in the cards and they wanted him out. There would be an investigation. And a suspension, not a firing would be in order. Many a popular money making actors have been fired from soaps for no logical reason. It’s what’s done. I remember Rebecca Herbst was fired and brought back to GH because of fan outcry. And so was Daniel Goddard (Cane). We can make a difference and get him rehired! If you don’t want to stop watching, at least boycott the show on Jan. 31st.

  27. Once Michael goes, I go too. The ones that should be fired are the really boring Tyler, Abby, Devon, Lesley, Mason, Lily and Cane. Oh yes, and that awful character Victor Newman. It seems that he didn’t get along with Michael. The show has rapidly gone downhill during the past few months. I’m also absolutely disgusted that they laid the blame of Delia’s death on Adam. Billy Walker is another character that will be deeply missed, he has won all of our hearts and he, too, cannot be replaced. No way will there be any chemistry between Victoria and the new Billy. Shame on Y & R for not taking the viewers feelings into account.

  28. Sorry for all the Muhney lovers, but I will miss Billy the most. No, I won;t quit watching, but yes the writing sucks, stories get lost, stories repeated, people we could care less about on 5 days a week. They need to wrap up some of these s/l fast. Get on to some LOVE in the afternoon, Not just 3 day lust & gone jobs.

  29. This article is so on point how i feel it feels like i wrote it . Keep on being a voice out there for all of us fans. Our fb group for the love of Muhney has joined forces with SaveMuhney we have a petition that has over 8000 signatures and we have other ideas up our sleeve to Save Michael Muhney. Us fans have proved that it can be done Daniel Goddard and Christel Khaliil were saved by Fans I was apart of that and it has created families and friends that I will cherish forever. Fans can make a difference. #SaveMuhney

  30. Bring Muhney back!! I am not happy with storylines, writing and letting talented tenured actors get away, reminds me of the revolving door of call centers where workers mean nothing except paying as little as they can for the actors, its all about the money, done with CBS when Muhney leaves.

  31. I am definitely not watching Y & R after Jan. 30. Michael Muhney was about the only good thing left in the show. I’m sick of the Newmans (with the exception of Victoria and Billy), crazy Sharon, the Winters family and so on. Firing MM was biting off their Y & R noses to spite their faces because they will certainly be hemorrhaging viewers. Many left because of the the story about Delia’s death which was terribly difficult to watch. But the way MM handled his role was inspiring. He truly has talent and we are now going to be robbed of that. If nothing changes, “so-long” Y & R. It’s been a decent 40 years with you but you’ve left me no choice.

  32. Very disappointed that the Young and Restless writers have chosen to get rid of Michael Muhney. Unfortunately many rumours are flying around. How about the fact that as viewers of 30 or more years, how about having to listen to Victor grumbly around for the better part of them. You have an actor that is loved by his fans, and shouldn’t we have something to say about this …. open your ears and your hearts and realize that you have made a very bad decision…. Bring him Back and admit your error. Get rid of Victor… that would be great

  33. I have been watching since I was in the womb my mother watches and my grandmother watch the show, basically my whole family watches the show. I am very disappointed that the writers have fired Michael and other things that have happened. He was a reason to turn into the show to see what he was doing.If he is not brought back I and my family and many more generations will stop watching the show! WE ARE THE FANS THAT MAKE THE SHOWS RATINGS AND WE ARE VERY UPSET WITH THIS. Bring him back or the shows will become no more with all the fans leaving.

    • I have said this over and over again. Michael Muhney goes…I go. He was such a great actor. He could play a villain, a lover , a father, and did it so admirably. He had such charisma, and endeared himself to everybody who watched. He will leave a gaping hole in this show , and no amount of filler actors will be able to fill this void. Who do we have to watch? The only good actors are Sharon, Jack, Chelsea and Dylan.Victor is a great actor but he is always depicted as a tyrant. The others are only so-so’s and not worthy of a no:1 show. The plots were all repetitive, the dialogue so boring….. and if a great show with such good actors like “Guiding Light” had was cancelled , I can’t believe Y&R is still running. I guess it’s the Bell name.
      So, let’s say Sayonara, good luck and all the best. We’re DONE after the 30th.

  34. I didn’t know who’d be the replacement Billy until I read your post. How interesting – NOT, and certainly not surprising, that it’s someone from the Tom family. CBS daytime/Sony just can’t seem to function w/o having a Tom on every show, whether they can act or not. Thank goodness I’ll no longer be watching after 1/30 when Michael’s no longer on the show since I can’t stand Michael Tom.

    • No one has mentioned why they got rid of Michael Tom the first time around, why are they bringing him back if he wasn’t the right person in the first place.

  35. I think it’s ashame let Adam go Michael the reason show good! Adam n. Chelsea are best couple n Nick and Sharon! And Billy the best!! I may stop watching!! I been fan for years! Please keep Michael n Billy!

  36. I have watch Y&R since 1973. The story line had gotten dull in the past. Then along came Michael Muhney. He turned a role of a villain into a character that everyone loved and rooted for. We still feel the same way now. Michael Muhney is the only person that can play the roll of Adam and his fans will not be happy until he is hired back. If there are problems, then they need to be resolved in another way that will not hurt the fans and ruin the show.

  37. I have watched Y&R from the beginning. This is it for me. No more. I have suffered through bad plots and draggy story lines. But, I am over it. Firing Michael is the final straw. I am through with CBS. They don’t care about the fans or the continuity of the story. So, from now on I will watch PBS.

  38. Have watched Y&R for decades. My last show will be Jan 30, MM’s last day. Y&R has been under new management now since Jill Farren Phelps started producing it. All she cares about is the bottom line, NOT the fans. The ONLY way we can make a difference is to turn off TV during Y&R. It’s not the writer’s fault, it’s JFP! Complaining to the ‘powers that be’ is not enough. Collectively, we have to stop watching Y&R.

  39. I see comments on here about the fans not knowing the reason Michael Muhney was fired! Ok, what was the reason? Don’t we the fans have the right to know? Instead of CBS, Sony, Jill Phelps & all the writers & people involved with the show, stop playing the power game & let us know! I have been watching this show for 30 years & it has become predictable, boring & the same lines used over & over! It is very ironic that all the best actors are leaving or getting fired! Why? Obviously there is a reason for this! In my mind you better listen to us & give us the answers we’re asking for or there will be no show. You will lose many fans, me included, & the show will go from #1 to totally down the tubes (no pun intended).

  40. I hope all of you who say you will not watch Y&R after Jan 30 really do mean it. Complaining to CBS, Sony, Phelps, etc. is NOT enough! The era of Bill Bell, Sr. is over. This new breed only cares about the bottom line, and NOT the fans. The only way to make a difference is to turn the TV off! Don’t even DVD it. I don’t expect they will bring Michael Muhney back until after we protest (by no longer watching), if that even happens. I, for one, am done Jan. 30.

    • You said it, Donna! After Jan.30th, there is NO REASON whatsoever to watch Y&R. The other story lines and actors just bore me to tears, anyway. Who and what do we have to watch? The only good story for 2013 was Adam and Chelsea getting together with baby Connor. The others were just mundane stories.Abby and Tyler were a joke. The Winter clan was so boring that I fast forwarded them, anyway. Victor and Nikki were so blah!
      Jill Farren Phelps RUINED this Soap and now it is time to ring the death knell!

  41. I WILL NOT STOP WATCHING Y & R , but you guys do need to think about us veiwers. why cant you do billy like you are Ashley. she isn’t on every day or every week as far as that goes. and look how long tracy was gone. micheal should not be fired or killed off. him and chelsie are good togather. I don’t think you should make him out to be the one that killed delia. victor needs to get a life other than trying to run everyones life. cant stand him. and if phylis isn’t gonna come out of her coma then replace her.jack needs someone to love. Sharon needs to come clean about summer, no matter if its the end of her and nick. that story line is going like victors & nikkies. how many times have they broke up, got divorced and remarried. bring someone new in for nick, not Sharon tho, she needs to be alone after what she has done. and STOP ALL THE DAMN CHEATING. BILLY AND KELLY ….REALLY.

  42. Please, please post a comment if you agree that CBS and Sony made a big mistake…we need every voice to be heard for rehiring Michael Muhney and saving Y&R!

    • I have watched the Y&R since 1973. The storylines at times were boring, but for the past few years, I have enjoyed it more than ever before. I realize now, that was not because of the show itself, but because of Michael Muhney. He is the one on the show that makes it worth watching. Since his firing, I have literally felt sick. I will really miss him in the role of Adam, but I will look forward to watching him wherever he goes. I will no longer be a fan of Y&R. Without Michael Muhney, the show no longer holds any interest for me.

    • Yes CBS & Sony made a VERY BIG mistake firing Michael Muhney! A lot of people are fed up with CBS & Sony for various things they’ve done & are boycotting both of them. According to dg, Michael was “disruptive” on the set. Ok, so you fire the best actor over that? I think there is a lot they’re not telling us….I feel he was speaking out for everyone else, since no one else would do it! As I posted before, it’s very ironic all the best actors are leaving…so what aren’t they telling us? My dvr/tv won’t be recording or watching after Jan 30!!! Until or unless they REHIRE MICHAEL MUHNEY & FIRE JILL FARREN PHELPS!!!

    • I don’t think Michael Muhney would want to return to Y&R after they treated him this way.People make mistakes, but they can be negotiated and corrected for the good of the show. You don’t just fire the best actor on the show. He is so good
      that I think it won’t be too long before some other show grabs him.

  43. I have watched Y&R since the first day when the Brooks family was on, and I took it off daily recording also B&B to . I will not watch any CBS shows unless they rehire Michael Muhney. I hated that they killed John Abbate, Cassie, Brad , Dehlia, and Billy , Phyliss, and now the most talented actor on the show. The stories are boring now . They should get rid of Victor and Melody. They were probably behind his firing. What a terrible thing to do to a father of 3 small children right before Christmas. I don’t believe the indoendos they are spreading about him. I am sure they are worried about the ratings now. All of a sudden you see the advertisements about y&r being on 25 years. I won’t watch anymore unless they rehire M.M.. I put General Hospital on daily record now. I hope Days of our lives will hire him. I will follow his carreer and watch whatever show he is on. So sad .I do love Sharon and Jack, Ashley, Tracy and some others. Sharon Case and the actress that plays Chelse, and Actor that plays Neil stuck up for him. They have class, not like E.B. and M.T.S. who ridiculed us fans on twitter. If it wasn’t for us, she wouldn’t have a job. I read that E.B. had a fist fight with Peter Bergman and knocked out his teeth once, and he didn’t get fired. He should have been gone years ago. They keep recycling stories about him and nikki

    • I started watching General Hospital, too after this fracas, and I hope they will hire Michael Muhney. I can guarantee it will be the no: 1 show ,
      JFP, Victor and Nikki won’t know what bit them!

  44. Everyone here has pretty much summed up my feelings with the exception of DG, whomever He or She maybe. I too am one of those fans from day 1 of the soap. I had a passion for Y&R like you would not believe. But that was in the Bill Bell days. I go for talent on the show. Crappy storylines have been around for years, but a true talented actor/actress can take a crappy story and make a true fan like it. The Characters of Phyllis, Sharon, Billy, and Adam were such true talents playing these roles. Michelle Stafford, Sharon Case, Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. All of these tremendous talents are no longer on with the exception of Sharon. The firing of Michael Muhney, one week before Christmas, is enough to make anyone switch networks, channels. I throw my support to Michael Muhney not CBS/Sony or whomever made the decision to fire him one week before Christmas.. He did his interview and took full responsibility and did not bad mouth anyone, blamed only himself. His co-workers took it among themselves to leak information to try and ruin him. I have no respect for these veteran actors and you know who you are, and as long as you remain on the show and with Michael Muhney and Billy Miller gone I too, with thousands and thousands of Michael Muhney fans will be gone also. I have signed petitions to bring Michael back, to fire Jill Farren Phelps, will join the boycott through February sweeps, and I have written to every executive, higher up that exist with CBS Sony, I have also gone on websites to the sponsors such as Proctor and Gamble and voiced my concerns to them. No viewers, no revenue for these sponsors. We fans are sincere and we are working day and night to put a hurting on who hurt our favorite daytime character, Adam Newman – Played by Michael Muhney. We want him back. We fans are on a mission and we will not stop unless he is rehired or Michael himself lets us know he does not wish to return. I think he loved his job and he was so talented a few of his veteran co-stars were jealous of this actor whom is big as life and his fans love him. We are declaring January 30th Michael Muhney Day. All his fans will watch his final air date and then we turn off Y&R on Jan. 31,st for good. We boycott all sponsors of Y&R. We will continue with our group efforts. Melody Scot Thomas said all Michael Muhney Fans do not have a life and we had nothing better to do. Well, without the fans where would she be today? Maybe CBS and Sony should have done away with the characters Victor Sr. and , Nicki and saved big bucks and still have Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. Afterall the fans want Billy and Michael on the show.So tired of Mr Mumbles and boring snooty Nicki Newman. Thank you for letting me vent. Now I have to go send a few more emails to Mr. Steve Kent CBS and Y&R. I hope everyone who really wants Michael back has signed the petitions, and will join our efforts. We are Team Muhney Save Muhney For the Love of Muhney and Fans of Muhney. His fan base is way bigger than they ever dreamed it was. If we all do stop on the 31st the ratings should go way, way down. I hope they have enjoyed that #1 spot because they will be lucky to be #4 by the end of 2014.

  45. I’m glad Adam is leaving I have never like him.but will be sad about billy going:( where is he going?i sure wish they would bring Phyllis back .

  46. Chris, I am glad that you are the solitary minority. I’m sure you enjoy the Neil clan and the silly repetitive story lines. I don’t think you would recognize great acting if it hits you in the face!

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  48. If you want Michael Muhney back, don’t just talk about it. Take action and let CBS and the big sponsors like Proctor & Gamble know that you will boycott the show and not buy their products. Whining is not productive. Tweet, email, and make calls to let your voice be heard!

  49. I have been watching since the beginning…. and I have watched them waste good characters like Maura West by giving them crappy story lines and then the Delia death was horrific… and then after we dealt with that we find out that some of our favorites are either quitting or being let go while they keep characters like Abby and Tyler (yawn) no matter how hard you try they are never going to be a good couple there is no chemistry…. Victor is just getting mean and nasty and hateful…. they need to stop and really listen to what we are saying unless everyone wants to get fired because the show will have no fan base left… if they would let us know why he was being fired we might be a little bit more tolerant but when they are keeping it a secret makes you suspicious…. he he did something that horrific the fans would not stick around and support him…. they need to let us be the judge because we are what keeps the show going….. I almost at the point with the death of Delia that I was done with the show and I know I was not alone in my feeling about that… but then a few days later we find that one of our favorite actors has been fired…. we all know that not one person makes the show but when you start making too many changes too fast and they are crappy decisions then the show will suffer the consequences….

  50. Betty Stanley, you said everything we wanted to be said. I have watched Y&R all my life and now it is time to move on to something else. I already started to watch General Hospital and like it v. much.
    I am tired of watching these stupid story lines. As for victor he is the most ungrateful tyrant that I love to hate. His son almost gives up his own life to save his, and what does he do? Well, you know the story. What an ingrate. Do you still want to watch him? He makes me sick.
    it was Michael Muhney and Billy Miller that made us keep watching this mess of a show, and now that they are gone, what else is there? Listening to Nikki’s nasal voice, Victor’s rumblings and watching the Neil clan with no place to go?? They couldn’t even think of a story line for Lily so they bring her cancer back! Same old same old!
    I had watched Guiding Light and was heartbroken when it was stopped but O certainly won’t be when I hear about the demise of Y&R.JFP managed to do it all by herself.

  51. The abrupt firing of Michael Muhney left an especially bad taste in the fans mouths after learning that Billy Miller was leaving. Along with the terrible Dehlia storyline, how much more can the viewers take. We don’t know why Michael Muhney was let go, but to find out that the role of Adam will be recast is just too much! No one could play Adam like Michael Muhney! If he doesn’t come back to Y&R, it will disappear along with all the soaps before. Fans decide who is No #1 and we won’t be watching. A terrible mistake by TPTB!

  52. Micheal muhney is the reason I watch yr and when jan 31 st comes and when micheals gone. Im one can replace him.MM is a wonderful talented sexy brilliant actor.that has d ok ne an excellent job ever aince hes played adam newmanm they have made a huge mistiake by firing micheal.they need to bring him back .obviously they dont care about the fans.there are thousands of fans maybe more that are pissed and heartbroken over this.

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    • The soap has become so mundane and boring MM and BM was their only high light . I’m so done after Jan 30 . I’ve had it with the writers insulting my intteligence with the story line !

  54. After 30 years of watching the Y&R time to call it quits after Adam got fired. I will find another show. Jeanne Cooper would not have liked this!!!!!!!!!! Lost a loyal viewer!

  55. Well, I find what is happening to our beloved Y&R is terrible. I don’t know what happened or why Michael Muhney was fired. None of know for sure. That being said, why doesn’t someone snap up both Michael Muhney and Billy Miller and hire them for a new detective/cop show or something? Another version of Hawaii Five-0 perhaps? Time to make lemonade out those lemons now.

  56. The day I stop watching the Yawn & the Wasted (Jan. 30th) won’t be a day too soon! if they want us to keep watching the Mustache (as Jack rightly calls him) they must be dreaming! Look at his story lines. He even married his own son’s ex-wife . How gross was that?, and now he’s back to his ever loving wife Nikki who is as exciting as a sack of potatoes! (even when she is stuffed with jewelry all the time! lol.). A Soap has to be realistic to some degree . The stories have to be believable to some extent. We don’t want to watch fairy tales. Watch Tyler and Abby. There is not a scintilla of emotion in that guy and he drawls at the supposed passionate moments! Besides, how can you even pair those two? There is no charisma whatsoever. And Cane and LILY JUST MOSEY ALONG WITH NOTHING TO SAY OR DO! Neil proposes to another woman who is as boring as they come! . Sharon Case is a brilliant actress, and look what they have done with her!
    I am sick with Chloe bossing her way around giving advice to everybody when she could use some herself. BORING…BORING…
    The only actors worth watching were Adam, Billy, Chelsea,Jack, Sharon and Michael (Baldwin).
    Do we want to watch the machinations of Victor trying to get custody of Adam’s baby (when in Adam’s own words “How many times have you disowned me?”.)And this is even after Adam nearly sacrificed his life for the old goat.
    This is what I’m talking about. These are not the normal reactions of a normal human being. These writers are living in la-la land..Listen to Jill cursing a dead woman in the most disrespectful manner. Even if they wanted to kill off Delia, they could have done it in a believable way. No father will leave a child alone in a car at that time of night. And they dragged Billy’s mourning on and on because they couldn’t think of anything else.
    Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore. Michael Muhney is gone, Billy is gone and WE’RE GONE.
    When Jill Farren Phips is GONE…… we may check in to see if there is anything worthy of watching but until then GOODBYE!

  57. Is ANYONE concerned about the charges that this man groped his co-star’s breasts? I understand being “attached” to a character but if he is guilty of what he has been accused, doesn’t he deserve to be let go? Or am I missing something.

    • Do you believe everything you hear in the gossip columns? It takes 2 to tango , and it is “he said she said.” Did you hear it from Hunter King? she is not all that
      exciting tfor a man to risk his career for. Don’t talk unless you have proof.

  58. We do not know any circumstances of this situation. While I am not saying that it is appropriate, people that work together everyday, go to parties together and are supposedly friends with one another, often joke around. Especially, if someone were to walk in with a new set of implants one day, when there weren’t any the day before. That would certainly draw attention and comments. This is just one scenario of many that could have happened, especially in the show business community. As I said, we do not know what happened. But we do know, if this rumor is true, that other people were around, So, I doubt that it was groping and more like teasing. But it she had told a person to stop and it repeatedly continued then she would have had to go to higher ups. Personally at 20 yrs. old, I would have just slapped the shit out of the person that was bothering me. Only two people know the truth of what happened here and there is always two sides to a story. I just know that Y&R has lost the better actor on the show and I think that’s what a lot of other actors on the show wanted.

    • Tana Buckley, I fully agree with you. It could have been teasing. Some people make mountains out of mole hills.
      But, as you said “Y&R lost the better actor on the show”

  59. I was watching Eric Braeden on Twitter and I can’t understand why he got his feathers ruffled! .Michael Muhney was v. gracious when he spoke out about his firing.. He didn’t blame anyone for it except himself. He didn’t say Victor was instrumental in firing Maura West…he said he wanted to leave in as dignified a way as she did. I can see Eric Braeden is not v. far from the character he portrays.This is a man who neglected his son (Adam) all his life to the point where he didn’t even know who his real father was. And then, when he came to Genoa city (after the death of his mother), all he asked for was his father’s approval and what did he get? In Adam’s own voice “How many times have you disowned me”? In the final instance his hatred for Jack was more than his love for his son.
    He boasts about Y&R being no:1 for 25 years. This was mainly due to the popularity of Bell. Let’s see how long they are going to be with nondescript story lines like we have now , and the exodus after the firing of Michael Muhney.
    Nobody is saying MM is a Saint. We are not voting for his canonization, for heaven’s sake. What we are trying to say is that rather than lose the best actor on the show . he could have been warned, even threatened about possible firing. I am positive he would have then dropped his “backpack of hubris” , because he even admitted to it.
    This is the way sensible people handle situations. WHO KNOWS WHAT THE “TRUTH” IS??

    • He looked like he was beet red. I’ve noticed his acting has been different lately. He does look angry and it doesn’t look like an act.

  60. I try to FF Victor’s scenarios because it is so depressing to see him. He is the conglomerate of all that is evil. The high and mighty way he speaks to others, the scowl on his face all the time etc; Even the few times he smiles seems so fake.
    I know he thinks he is God’s gift to the human race, but I don’t think there will be even a whimper if he leaves. ,
    What is he trying to do with Adam’s son, when he can’t even get his own life in order and hates Adam?
    I am tired of these story lines. We kept watching only because of fine actors like Adam, Billy, Sharon (look what they did to her?), Chelsea, jack etc;
    So it is now time to say GOODBYE!

    • I’m glad that Billy is going. I’m so tired of him dramatizing Delia’s death. Way too much. In the meantime, he’s making his family miserable. Ugh ! Adios, Billy-Boy!

  61. Donna, it is not Billy’s fault. This is the story line that was handed to him. When these Writers cannot think of anything else this is what they do . They drag a story line till the viewers go crazy watching. They will do that even with his replacement, and I getting tired of it, too.

  62. I started watching General Hospital since this Y&R fracas, and I am amazed at the drama, the dialogue and what a lot really goes on in the space of that hour. How Y&R ever became no: 1 beats me.I realize now that there is actually nothing to watch in Y&R. Meaningless chit chats, stories dragging on forever,and boring actors.
    They fired the best actor and now there is no story at all. I’ll be glad to stop the recording after the 30th, and gain an hour to do something else.

  63. We have been asking Michael to be reinstated, but really, I don’t think he should go back even if they beg him. His character has been assassinated over and over again. People who know nothing about what may have happened have been calling him names. Only 2 people know the truth – Michael and Hunter. Neither of them have said anything. Some nondescript actors have shown their “support” for Hunter after being asked to do so. I think they are just feathering their own nests and assuring themselves of their jobs. Something that happens innocently can be construed to be nefarious. People have been accused unfairly over and over again. For anyone to be calling names is downright wrong.
    Michael should put this behind and look forward to the future. He is going to shine where ever he goes. I see a brilliant future for him.and we wish him all the best.

    • I really don’t think it matters under what circumstances MM was fired to most fanatic fans. They would just want him back. They ponder and invent all different kinds of scenarios about what they think happened and as usual, their favorite is always the wronged. And if he is a young, talented, ‘hot’ guy, he could have opened fired on everyone on the set or rape children and some fans would still think there are two sides to every story. And an accusing female is always the liar or making too much out of nothing because this HAS to be the first time he was ever accused of this sort of thing. He was never trouble on the set. Just give him warning EVERYDAY. He may be a monster but keep him on regardless because the old actors are jealous. And anyone who doesn’t agree is a ‘dummy’ (how mature).

      I’ve stop watching Y&R for more than three years. Before that I watched on and of. I just don’t have time to follow a daily show that moves at the pace of syrup. Just ran across this forum out of curiosity. Won’t be returning because there is nothing worthwhile here except a lot of female hysteria. Have at the replies. Whatever makes you feel will vindicate MM.

  64. If Michael touched ms king inappropriately as the tabloids say then he needs to be dealt with. I don’t know how but hopefully to some agreement but that kind of treatment shouldn’t be treated like it didn’t happen. This leaves a bad impression on all girls.

  65. There it is again…………the big “if”. Well, what “if” he didn’t?? Was it right to ruin the show and his reputation???

  66. Adam is definitely the most intriguing character on the show. That is due to the actor who portrays him. I fast forward thru most of the other stories. The Winters stories have been total boredom since Dru left, and for whatever reason, they have refused to bring her back. I am afraid this will be the same scenario regarding MM. I like Michael, Gloria and Kevin, but none of them have had a very good story for along time. I wish Stitch had been Nicki’s son, I find Dylan very boring too. I LOVED Chelsea and Adam together, it showed a whole different side to him – Hope’s son.I always enjoyed the scenes with Adam and Victor and hoped that Victor would see what he had, and that Adam would take over for him. But I guess the hatred Eric had for Michael was to great and this was not to be. Y & R has been hit very hard this year, has lost their greatest assets, Katherine, Phylis, Billy and now Adam. Don’t know if they will be able to recover from this. Glad to see the actor playing Kyle is leaving, not a good choice there. David Tom will NEVER measure up to Billy Miller, that’s for sure, he is too wimpy Have watched Y & R from the beginning, maybe it is time to switch to GH….

    • I have heard Michael was let go for sexual harassment of Hunter King who plays Summer on the show. Apparently she claims he “groped” her twice and she filed a complaint with executives.

      • Jodi, this is what you ” HEARD “. If you believe everything you HEAR then you are living in a fantasy world. MM is a very handsome, very talented actor, happily married with a beautiful family. . There are people who wanted him out and HK was just a catalyst. They have not only fired this wonderful actor but they have stooped so low and assassinated his character. Do you see anything in HK that is tempting enough to be ” groped” , for heaven’s sake? Do you think that such an intelligent actor ( a member of Mensa) is going to jeopardize his whole career over some stupid thing like this.? Some things should be believable and this SUCKS.

  67. Is that the best ending storyline, for Adam and Billy in the the car crash.,that the writers could come up with. That leaves it wide open for recasts. I could have written that ending for MM and BM leaving myself. Bad storyline and writing as well.

  68. If MM is not brought back this show can kiss my ass.To think they considered bringing him back but he could not get support from the cast.The cast dont pay the bills the fans do.Also to think that this wet behind the ears Summer accused him of groping her breast.It’s a she said he said thing.She should have been let go and management should have let the little @$%&* go to the cops.Then they should have hired a army of attorneys that would have her but in her place.She is what she deserves.She made threats that if MM wasnt fired she would tell.Even if he did this does she a nobody actress have the right to but him on blast,when she should have slapped him and pushed him away if this is truly what he done.Twice she says this happened,what once was not enough for her!This smells of collusion.There is her side of the story,MM has a side and then there is the truth somewhere between.It probably went like this,she was complacent in the affair and when MM would not leave his wife and family for her she was butt hurt.So what does little miss cant be wrong do?She has his livelihood taken away.So sad,so f—–g sad.Also the crew and management are spineless for not seeing that so many people watched just for him.Also Sharon Case he made you look so sexy and the episodes with Adam and Chelsea were golden too.I will never forget the time Adam was blind and the vibes between him and Sharon was a acting clinic.Adam made everyone he came in contact with on Y+R so much of a better actor.Adam,Victor,Billy,Sharon,Phyllis,Chelsea made the show.Now three are gone.It’s like a high performance six speed transmission out of a sports car.Loose three gears and know you no longer have a fast sleek sports car you have in all reality a very expensive boat anchor.It can be fixed but the only way is to get MM back.Otherwise get Hunter to start handing out life jackets because the Young and Restless boat will be dragged to the bottom of the sea by that so called boat anchor.Hurry!Hurry!water is rushing in.

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